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Missing assessments for Tring CBA?


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Hi everyone!


Hopefully someone will have been here before. Tring CBA assessments will be 15th May but DD can't attend as she has the final EYB rehearsal from 11-5 that Sunday and the actual show is the following weekend! Have emailed with apologies etc but has anyone else had to miss their assements and did you arrange an alternative day or will it have any bearing on moving up in September?

So typical that up till now she has 100% attendance and the one day she really needs to be there, it clashes!

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Yes this happened to my dd once. From memory, I think what happened was that we told them in advance and she was assessed during her regular classwork instead. Don't worry, it will be fine. If it an EYB final rehearsal, there will probably be others missing as well. :)

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I've missed my CBA assessment for two years over the course of me being there I think and seem to remeber they asses you during normal classes but they tend to know what class they want you in next year anyway and then when my report came it didn't have any marks in the assessment section just a class number for next year. (& and one of those years I didn't go to the assessment I did move up to group 6 so I don't think it will affect your progress massively if they think your ready to move with others from your class)

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