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Ballet Boost Summer Course

Emma northmore

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Hi, I hope those that attended the very first Ballet Boost had an amazing time. I was thrilled with the fantastic students we had! Some graduates have even acquired work from it!!


Summer Ballet Boost is the week of July 25th at Pineapple and times will be 11am - 5.30 to allow for cheaper travel and sleep!


We have the pleasure of Thiago Soares for two full days and will be maintaing our small class sizes with a third group for younger students. Ages this time are 7 to 19. Join us for a happy confidence building environment where each student matters. Other teachers include Rashna Homji - jefferies, ex Royal and Hong Kong Ballet Mistress, Shannon and Peter Parker(Bitter Harvest), Senri Kou (soloist ENB), Kate Lyons (AMP) myself (Ballet Mistress Ballet Black) and others.........


I am posting because i have a special offer of 10% off when booked before the end of April

emmanorthmore@yahoo.com / 07958 725862       Facebook page - Ballet Boost 


'To Inspire is why we teach'

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My daughter has just done the easter course and it was fantastic. She came home wishing it was running all next week too. Rep with Roberta Marquez learning Don Quixote was one of her highlights! She came home inspired and buzzing. We have signed up already for the summer course.

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The Surrey Ballet masters course has now been reconfigured to be Ballet Boost! After a high demand from Vocational students last year, I have made the decision to move everything to London to access the very best teachers and to make it more accessible. 


The cost is £250 for juniors 11 am - 3/30, then mid and seniors are £320 11am - 530 approx 4 classes per day.

Take advantage of 10% off before the end of April (full payment can wait as long as booking is made!)


This start time will allow for cheaper travel in to london xx


NB there has been a fair bit of activity and classes are capped at 20 in each so don't miss out. I can assure you the standard of teaching is everything you would expect from a vocational Summer school and is great value for money. 

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Hi lovely dance mums! I have just two senior places left for Ballet Boost this summer and Sarah Wildor will now be teaching too!!


The juniors have spaces and I am happy to allow a 3 to 5 day booking so if travelling and work and life juggling is difficult do get in touch and let me know!! Just £250 with 5% off for the next two weeks only.


The friday can be observed all day if you wish. The training is whats important so there won't be a show but you can see inspiration in action if you wish!



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