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Radio 4 documentary today, 'A Dancer Dies Twice' 4pm

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A documentary that promised far more than it delivered. It would be interesting to know when it was made as it contained no reference to Whelan's post retirement dance career. Perhaps someone can explain why one section was accompanied by guitar music which as far as I could see had nothing to do with the anything.. 

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I felt a bit disappointed by this. Perhaps it could have been longer to allow for more dancers to comment on this important transition in a dancers life.


I think the title only really fitted Wendy Welan in the comments she made.


There seemed to,be some sort of rehearsal bit going on in the background for atmosphere I suppose or to make sure you knew it was set in the Dance world and at one point I could only just about hear what one of the dancers was saying .....the first one I think....but generally speaking I don't think the programme got across the importance of this issue for dancers.

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