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Hi all,


In booking my tickets to see the ever-amazing Ballet Central at the Redgrave Theatre in Bristol, I spotted this other event:




I've never come across JSLN before, and can't seem to find any mention of them on the forum, so I was wondering if anyone has seen them or had any experience of them? It might well be worth a tenner just to check them out, but any views welcome! :)



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I thought this company had been mentioned here before! I've just discovered that they are performing a show called "Variations of Pointe" at the Millfield Theatre in Edmonton, North London, tomorrow.


"Whether you already are a ballet lover and cherish the entire bandwidth from the big classics to neo classicl works or just want to find yourself rolling around in your seats to the antics familiar characters from 'Allo 'Allo interpreted into the language of dance, this show is for you." it says in the blurb!



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