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Tring Park Easter Dance Course


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Hello, it will be my dd's first time attending this course.


Could anyone give me an idea of the timetable and what the average age/grade are for each group.


Also, how many leotards would you suggest bringing. Which colour/style is best?


Thanks in advance



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hello balletmum 13. DD went last year for first time when she was 11. Breakdown of classes was: Ballet , jazz , modern, street, contemporary , body conditioning, musical theatre .  Think she was group C so this is only group C's breakdown so i am not sure of the other groups.  They can bring tap shoes this year it says on the list so I think timetable will be different again this year but hopefully this will be a little bit of help to you.  DD had 3 leotards but she only wore two which I think translates in DD's language to (I wore my favourite one all week)! They were just plain black but at the showing of work there were some lovely bright leotards worn as well as mainly black so whatever really!  She took convertibles which I had never heard of before this forum but she found those really useful to flip the top off to get into jazz shoes etc. 

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