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somewhat put out...


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A few weeks ago I saw some request, I think on Facebook but possibly a Friend's letter, for part-time volunteers to help ENB with admin tasks such as mailing out subscription renewals.  I work as a strategy consultant and transformation director on contracts typically of a year or 18 months which always have gaps between them, so when such a gap recently came up, I emailed the Friends coordinator offering to help out.  Two weeks later and I haven't even had a reply.  I'd have been fine with a 'thanks but the rush is all over so we don't need anyone', but I find the lack of a response really quite rude. 


My attempts to draft a follow up have all sounded too passive-aggressive, so uncharacteristically I've deleted them!


Anyone else had a similar experience?

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I remember emailing someone at ENB a few years ago about something which needed reasonably urgent attention, and not getting a reply for some considerable time.  It turned out that the person in question had been away on holiday/sick or something and hadn't put any sort of out-of-office message or set up forwarding to someone else.  I would of course hope that emailing protocols would have been improved since then, although it may be that the company setup means that there aren't obvious alternative people to forward emails to.


And of course emails do get lost.  Yes, Outlook, I'm still waiting for that code you were supposed to be sending me "immediately" an hour or so ago so I could get back into my email account ...

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