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Healthy Cake!

Jan McNulty

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One of my very good friends has modified a carrot cake recipe and has come up with this cake that is probably as healthy as a cake gets and is absolutely delicious.


I thought I would share the recipe with you as it might be a nice and less naughty treat!


Banana and Carrot Cake


For 2 cakes


6 Eggs 540

4 Ripe Bananas (400g flesh approx.) 380

250mls Walnut Oil 2020

2 tsp Vanilla Extract


Dry ingredients:-

350g grated carrot 122

175g Walnuts, chopped 1200

175g Sunflower seeds 1050

200g Ground Almonds 1290

200g Fine Oatmeal 712

4tsp. Baking powder, sift

2tsp. Bicarbonate of Soda, sift

200g Light Muscovado Sugar 800



Mix bananas and eggs until mashed.

Mix all dry ingredients well in a separate bowl before adding to the bananas with the vanilla and oil.

Put in 2 8 inch round, deep dishes and microwave on medium (600w) for12-13 minutes or 170 °C for 1 ½ + hours.

If doing in the microwave the top may be slightly damp in the centre. This will continue cooking if left in for a few minutes to rest.



The figures on the right hand side are estimated calories. This is enough to make 2 cakes so halve the ingredients for one. 2 cakes will provide 24 good portions

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That sounds delicious. Is anyone interested in healthy banana ice cream? I recently spotted this recipe in a newspaper and it works! Uses up bananas that are going over-ripe.


Slice and freeze bananas - as many as you want. When frozen, put into a food processor with a tablespoon of milk for each banana. Blitz until it is of ice cream consistency. It can be eaten straight away or put back into the freezer and portions scooped out as needed.


Suggested additions to serve (makes it a bit less healthy) were, nuts, chopped fresh or dried fruits, honey, maple syrup, or for grown-ups a dash of Baileys.

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Here's my friend's recipe for a sugar free cheesecake. She describes it with almonds on the top but any topping is ok (and she's tried several out on me!)





Sugar free Almond Cheesecake


For a 9 inch cheesecake


150g Flour

75g Butter

1 tbsp ground almonds

1egg yolk

1 tbsp water

Rub in flour and butter to fine crumb.Add almonds, egg and water stir to bind together.

Or use ready made pastry.

Bake blind:- Line with foil weighted with ceramic beans at 180 C for 15 mins. Remove foil and beans and cook another 10 mins.


50g Flaked Almonds,toasted in oven or under grill until lightly browned. Watch carefully does not take long !


340g Curd Cheese ( Or any low fat soft cheese eg Philadelphia light)

140mls Sour Cream (Or low fat fromage frais or creme fraiche)

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp gelatine, sprinkled on 80mls hot water

1 or 2 tbsp Canderel or splendida


Mix all cheesecake ingredients together adding dissolved gelatine last. Pour into cooled pastry case, sprinkle with almonds

and refridgerate until set. (The mix is slightly more gloopy than a standard cheesecake mix)

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If anyone likes crumble - try this and you will never want pastry crumble again! This is for rhubarb but the crumble mix goes with any fruit filling. My friend has reduced the amount of sugar to the lowest possible so it's healthier too....


Rhubarb Oaty Crumble


Serves 3-4


450-600g Rhubarb in ½” pieces

1 tbsp sweetener [or syrup, if allowed]

1/8th tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ginger

Cook in a large casserole for 5 minutes in the microwave and transfer to a smaller dish


Crumble: -

30g melted butter/flora

15g/1tbsp flour

55g/2x60mls porridge oats

2tbsp sunflower seeds

1tsp sweetener [or 1 tbsp muscovado sugar]

1tsp coriander


Mix well together and sprinkle over the rhubarb. Press down gently to firm it up a bit.


Bake at 180°C for 20minutes or for an hour if the rhubarb is not precooked.

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