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Fouettes and Physics... video share TED


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I'm afraid I wan't impressed, no mention of the demi plié on the supporting leg which gives the impetus for the relevé, and the trajectory of the "whipping" leg is faulty, it goes down as it opens devant and then goes higher when going round to the side.  Ideally it should be perfectly level the whole time.

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I can certainly agree with there description in the title caption that it is one of the hardest moves in ballet.


As for Picturesinthefirelight DD’s two missing observations, could these be the lack of spotting in the animation, also the releve is described as a rise. I’m not an expert on Fouettes but I’m being coached on these at the moment for the ending of ENB’s Gulnare solo from le Corsaire, as this has a sequence of pose, double pose into two fouettes, repeated three times. In pirouettes I’m a riser with my releve’s rather than a snatcher. My teacher insists I must snatch up the releve, as will immediately be on my centre balance. They certainly aren’t easy in comparison to the usual pirouettes.

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