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PRIMA ASSOCIATES - for young, aspiring, talented ballet dancers:


A brand new school in the South-East (based near Maidstone, Kent),  for young ballet dancers entering years 3, 4, 5 and 6 starts in September with auditions taking  place on Sunday 19 June.   The year course will comprise a Classical Ballet Class: Gymnastic Conditioning; Ballet Conditioning/Pilates and Contemporary/Creative Dance.


These classes (held on Sundays), will form the compulsory '6 weeks' a term sessions taught by high profile ballet and contemporary dance teachers and a top Russian Gymnastic coach for the gymnastic conditioning. There will be an additional, optional (but advisable) three further sessions a term to include Ballet and Gymnastic Conditioning and guest teachers to cover diverse subjects such as Nutrition and Fitness, yoga, repertoire etc.


The year course will be split into two age groups 7 to 8 ys and 9 to 10 yrs (maximum 10 in a class) with plans to expand in the future.


All our teachers are gifted, enthusiastic, qualified teachers who know how to teach using positive reinforcement – they are also DBS checked.  Please see our facebook page for more information (website to follow which will ave an on-line application form.   https://www.facebook.com/PrimaAssociates/ 


Fiona Harvey (Royal Ballet Junior Associate Teacher) and Oliver Speers (Freelance Artist and Principal Dancer and choreographer with the English Youth Ballet) will help oversee the Prima Associates programme as well as offering their expertise in regular coaching sessions.

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Hello Julie and welcome to the forum.


In accordance with the "Commerce" section of Balletcoforum's Acceptable Use Policy, please could you add the contact details of your organisation to your signature? More details can be found here:


"Commerce: There is no bar to people representing commercial ventures from signing up to BalletcoForum with a view to spreading information about their wares or offering relevant services.


That said, we are not an advertising hoarding and repeated postings of the same or similar information will not be tolerated, nor frivolous posts which merely seem designed to get the company name ‘up there’. Nor will we allow vendors to use BalletcoForum as their shopfront: if you have a selling business you should use your own website for trade and market testing, not this one.


**Members who have commercial interests must indicate that by adding a Signature line to their postings, stating the name and type of their business and giving their website and/or business email address for enquiries. (You set up a Signature via My Settings in the dropdown menu under your name.) If members wish to contact businesses, associate schemes or other commercial enterprises this should be done via the vendor’s website or email, not by starting threads on the forum.**


Problems arising over transactions entered into between members are not the responsibility of BalletcoForum."


Many thanks.

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