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London Russian Ballet School - can anyone tell me what its like?


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I auditioned last year.... Personally I found certain staff members to be somewhat hostile and unwelcoming, also the class was taught in Russian- I don't speak any Russian so it was quite daunting, and i wasn't able to dance well because I didn't understand what the teacher was asking for! (I had naively assumed that 'Russian' implied 'Vaganova technique'- it hadn't occurred to me that the class would be taught in Russian!)

Having said that, I appreciate that other people may have had much more positive experiences of the school, so would be interested to hear of anyone else's views :)

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There was a thread last year where some members with first hand experience expressed a few concerns.


They are COMPLETELY independent & do not answer to anyone but themselves whereas most schools will have some kind of regulatory be it OFSTED, ISI, Trinity, HEFCE or one of the dance organisations. I contacted the Department of Education to clarify this.


I have no doubt that their training is high level & may suit some children.

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