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Confused about Hammond funding


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Hi all,


I've searched on here to no avail so hopefully not repeating an already asked question.


Does Hammond only offer funding help for yrs 4 - 6?  and then you either have to leave or win the lottery to stay on for final years?


Hammond Preparatory School School Fees, including school lunches and use of the Dance, Drama and Music Facilities £2,625 per term. Performing Arts Scholarships are available for years 4,5 and 6. Lower School (11- 16 years) Education £3,625 per term Education and Drama Training £4,275 per term Education and Music Training £4,275 per term Education and Dance Training £5,915 per term
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History of Prep School (if it's not too boring)


A local prep school got itself in financial bother & had to close down with little notice & the children without a school. Hammond took them & some of their staff on. Due to having access to hsmmonds dsnce/drama facilities I guess parents of children with an arts leaning were attracted towards Hammond Prep hence the new scholarships.

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