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Virgin Trains West Coast Line sale - 3 days only


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I know some people here complain about the cost of travelling to London from the Manchester area, so thought I'd highlight the offers available for the next few days:



London - Birmingham - Manchester - Liverpool - Glasgow among others. At this rate, I could afford to make it up to a matinee at the Lowry! Bookings must be in by 3rd March, and travel is from mid-March until the beginning of May.


I've no connection with Virgin, but thought the information too important not to pass on.



PS: I see Yaffa's already posted this in the Birmingham train fares thread, but I thought it needed a wider audience :)

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You'll have to come and see someone other than Alex, then, Janet!


And I notice that there's virtually nothing of interest dance-wise at the Lowry during that period, too - at least, not that I couldn't see rather nearer to home :(  What else could I go to Manchester for?  And no BRB in Brum either.

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