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Audition stress - how us Dads feel.


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Lower school Audition tomorrow. Better check the dance kit. Wouldn't want to forget his ballet shoes like we did for the RBS finals. Nice of the audition team to wait for us to arrive though after we phoned and explained. Did get some funny looks walking in seconds before the director did though. Never mind.


Now, hotel for the next one. Hmmm. Wonder if I can fit in a run on those nearby hills. Better take my laptop to do a bit of work as well.


Audition day. Why are all the women not talking to me? Have I got too many spots? They all seem to know each other and know EVERYTHING about ballet. Why did we have to be late again?


Ok, I'm going to take the plunge and... Talk to one of those women that is not in the conversations. I wonder why they aren't talking to her? Ah! She's from Scotland/Ireland/Fiji wherever.

<later> I think she thinks I'm a stalker... This is the third audition I've said hello.


Upper school auditions: should we have invested in creating a personal YouTube channel? Wonder if I can get a run in during the audition. Note to self: Airbnb is for under 30 year olds. Never again. Nice of that young German couple to move their washing in the spare room though!


Waiting for letters: oh look, there's a letter.


<much later> letter... Bill... NOW there's stress.... Aaarrrggghhh...


(but at the end of it all, we are going to watch his class tomorrow and then PDD with the girls and are so proud).

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My husband took ds to his JA audition as our youngest was born literally days before. Ds loved having his dad there so much that for future auditions he wants his dad to take him. (It helps that dad has been somewhat of a lucky charm!) I think it's great that dads take their children too and personally, he probably stays much calmer than I would, so a winner all round! Hubby refuses to do festivals, tho...

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