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Central auditions 2016


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Results from last Sunday came today (so fast I'm very impressed ) and I got finals im so excited, how much harder do you think finals will be than prelim?? x

Asked dd and she said that was a bit more intense and she felt under more pressure and had to move up a gear but it wasn't like "Wow this is hard!!"

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Congratulations to those who received a YES!!!

I Auditioned for first year but received a no....

But I still have ENB auditions... Fingers crossed!!!!

Good luck at ENBS Biscuit …. remember they all have "something" that they are looking for , not necessarily the same "something"

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Thank you so much! I unfortunately was not accepted to finals for ENB, but I enjoyed the experience! The only problem is, where can I receive good training if I'm 16+ and could not get into a vocational school?!?! I just moved to London....

Good luck to everyone at Finals!!!!

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