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Tring Park Preps

Bellaballerina's mum

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Hi there!

I'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone had any experience of the Prep Department at Tring Park (years 4-6)? I've had a look around the forums and found lots of useful information on the juniors (thank you!) but we are considering letting our DD audition for a place as a day pupil in Year 4 this March and wondered if anyone had any insights?

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A friend of ours went all the way thru the school and loved every minute and it's now dancing as a principle in a 'well known' uk company.


My only thoughts are how would your DC feel if they started and then didn't get thru the audition to stay at 11 having been there a while... Just something to think on :)


Good luck and welcome x

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Thank you for the welcome ????

The transition to secondary is something we have considered and it's a really good point. We've been thinking hard as I know there are no guarantees that she would move up. But then, I guess there isn't a guarantee she will get in at all - or that she would pass an audition if we held off to Year 7.


All great stuff to consider though and lovely to hear your friend had a good experience ????

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Hi. I have never had a child in Prep at Tring but I am confident that it is extremely rare for a child not to be able to continue into main school. The only issue sometimes is that they may not be able to go on the course they would really like. The other problem may be if you need funding to stay and move into main school.

It is an amazing school and any child that goes is very lucky.

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Thanks Busymum. We went to a taster day there today and you are right that they do automatically get a place for year 7 in the Theatre Arts course but are assessed (not auditioned) for capacity to take the Dance course and may not get onto that. Only extra audition (assuming she were to be successful this year) would be if we were to try for funding for year 7.


There were an awful lot of people there today so I don't know what her chances would be but we are happy to let her try for the audition as its own experience with no expectations...and then we'll see.


I did get lots of useful information today so would recommend it in future if anyone is considering preps ????????

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