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RIP Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire


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Oh gosh....here we go again! The founder and lead singer of EWF died yesterday, aged 74. He had Parkinson's.


This was one of my favourite groups, ever since I saw them as support to Stevie Wonder at Madison Square Garden in 1973. They were just becoming known back then, and they gave a stonking great performance. Not many people can give an almost-equal account to Stevie Wonder, but they did a great performance and for once most people sat and watched instead of being in the bar or doing other naughty things before the main act. I remember them being hoisted into the air on harnesses and flying out over the audience....something that had almost never been done back then. They engaged, they and the band were brilliant, funky musicians. My daughter saw them at Bestival about three years ago and said it was one of the happiest times of her life. I love that I saw them as a teenager, and so did my daughter! Well I do hope that the heavenly hosts are enjoying all the entertainment being provided up there!!


RIP Mr White, and thanks for the music.

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