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Jobs at RBS


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Minimum wage and excessive hours, I think RBS could do better than that. Sorry but if they want a qualified teaching assistant who can cover lessons and deliver quality education interventions then they should be offering a better wage packet.


"but if they want a qualified teaching assistant who can cover lessons and deliver quality education interventions"


That's not what they want and the advert is clear about that.

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Unfortunately due to the 'over supply?' of dance graduates they can probably afford not to be too generous.


What do other places pay? I suspect none of these jobs are well paid. And the same applies to many other jobs as well..... I don't know how young people manage sometimes....

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They are offering very poor wages considering teaching assistant posts are paid £10 to £12 per hour in South Glos with all school holidays paid.

I clearly work for the wrong local authority then!! Considerably lower hourly rate and contrary to popular belief we are not paid for the holidays, we get the usual statuary holiday pay ( it's about 3 weeks, pro rata ) but it is paid equally over the twelve months so that we receive the same pay each month although we are not actually paid for the summer, looking on zoopla at South Glos now, I feel a move coming on

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I work for South Glos as a TA and can say I recieve £11.50 per hour on a hay 9.I do get paid throughout all the school holidays. Those on a hay 8 are paid quite a bit more. When I lived in Cambridge a few years ago I was paid a similar amount. Alongfortheride you can check for jobs on ETeach. This is where most schools advertise posts in my area.

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This is the first job I came across for South Glos advertised on Eteach.

Teaching Assistant (SEN) 

Temporary job New job


Old Sodbury CE VC Primary School - Old Sodbury, South Gloucestershire


Hours: 29 hours per week, term time only (Monday to Friday 9am3.15pm) Salary: Hay 9 (£13,578£15,377 per annum) This ...


I promise I was not exagerating how much a teaching assistant is paid. However I do cover PPA, I do teach French, RE and Forest School. I do deliver maths, English, Social Skills and speech and language programmes every day. A lot of teaching assistants are aftually qualified teachers who choose this job for various reasons.

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Blimey Primrose, I was joking about moving but I work in a Hampshire school as a TA and get £8:92 per hour and 3 weeks paid holiday per year, the rest is unpaid although the salary is paid equally throughout the 12 months.I had no idea that there was such disparity with terms and conditions

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This is the job description. Seems the candidate is required for academic support as well as evening pastrol support.

9DA www.royalballetschool.co.uk

KLD/JTH/EG April 2015 Page 2 of 2

Safeguarding Duties and Responsibilities

The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and

expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The following is expected of all staff:

 to uphold the School’s policies relating to safeguarding & child protection, behaviour, Health &

Safety and all other relevant policies

 to promote and safeguard the welfare of children and young persons for whom you are responsible,

and come into contact with

 to ensure full compliance with all statutory regulations, in particular Keeping Children Safe in

Education, (2015) communicating concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Lead, other relevant

staff of The Royal Ballet School or local Children’s Services as appropriate.

Main Duties (This list should be seen as illustrative of the responsibilities rather than prescriptive).

 Ensuring The Royal Ballet School’s ‘Boarding Principles’ are effectively implemented in the day to

day life of the House

 Being a part of creating a structured, secure but enabling community in House where students can

grow and flourish artistically, academically and as a human being

 Delivering the procedures and policies required in the ‘Boarding Handbook’

 Implementation of compliance checks for the House

 Contributing to an effective trips & activities programme for students during boarding time

 Being part of an effective, proactive and caring House team with student welfare at its’ heart

 Care and support of boarders outside of the routine of the School day

 Undertaking a day time role in support of the academic and broader life of the School that might

include relevant administration, support of medical cover, mealtime registers and supervision,

helping with special events etc. but will primarily be about delivering classroom- based assistance.

Essential Criteria

 Dance or Drama graduate with an interest in becoming a teacher or working in a related field

 The ability to communicate clearly and effectively verbally and in writing

 A positive outlook, good sense of humour and able to stay calm in a crisis

 Good listener who can build effective relationships with students, staff and parents

 Able to establish a strong rapport with students, assert authority when needed and maintain

appropriate boundaries

 Proactive in approach and able to seek advice and support in a timely fashion when appropriate

 Able to cope effectively with high levels of stress from students and parents

 Good administration skills and IT literate

 Flexible attitude towards duties and working patterns in order to fulfill the requirements of the


 Empathy with the aims and ethos of the School

 Professional but approachable demeanor

 Full, clean driving licence preferred.

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May Park Primary School


Eastville, Bristol


Term Time and Fixed Term Contract


Salary: £17633 - £19339 actual salary


Start date: 11 April 2016


Job Ref: 624545


Application close date: 15 Februar.


Sorry I know I am being boring and will now stop. Just making a point of what pay teaching assistants can expect.

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If you were a young person interested in working with children in the performing arts, done your dance training and maybe some dance teaching qualifications too - what a thing to have on your CV for the future. The pay isn't great, but then actors' and dancers' pay is lousy anyway and many of them are out of work. This is live-in too.


I think they will be inundated with applications.

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