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Laurretta Summerscales promoted to Principal at ENB

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That's exciting and welcome news, congratulations to Laurretta on reaching the top rank, and I look forward to seeing her perform (hopefully in my neck of the woods in northern England) in future. It was a pleasure to see her dance Medora last week.


Does anyone know if this makes her the youngest female principal, by a fair way, in the 3 major companies in the UK (ENB, RB, BRB) ? Not all dancers' ages are public knowledge, so I may well be wrong.

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Congratulations to her, and such an incentive for young dancers to see someone achieve the highest rank after coming through the ballet school.



ENB has one higher rank of 'Lead Principal' (Alina Cojocaru · Isaac Hernández · Fernanda Oliveira · Tamara Rojo · Erina Takahashi.), but I'm sure that's only a question of time for Laurretta

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