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Nearest travelodge or similar to London Studio Centre?


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Hoping someone with local knowledge can help me out as I don't really know my way around London,apart from the route from Euston to the RAD!

Can anyone suggest a good place to stay the night before DD auditions at LSC? Wewill get into Euston pretty late as we can't leave til I finish work,so maybe somewhere part way between the station and LSC would be best as DD will need to get to bed at a reasonable hour and I don't want to spend ages getting to the hotel late at night.

Any suggestions of specific places,or just general areas to look at would be gratefully received.

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Thanks all.

I've decided to book near the station.It's probably most sensible as I don't really want to be wandering around unfamiliar streets late at night and we have plenty of time to get there in the morning as she doesn't have to be there til lunchtime.

Thanks for the good luck wishes Lisa - I have a feeling she will need it as with one thing and another things haven't being going brilliantly recently and she's not on top form. But hey, you never know, and I know she'll try her best.

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