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Elmhurst Boy's Day of Dance 20/3/16


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  • 3 weeks later...

Aaawww shame its for 14+

Great post tho Jane as without the ballet forum im

A mum with no clue!!!

My boy has a place at White lodge international summer school and would love to have a nosey at elmhurst too xx

Unfortunately he's only 10

11 in April

Anyone know how we can get to look at elmhurst as we missed deadlines for any open days or auditions !!

We actually applied for summer school at 11.50pm

With deadline of midnight 1st dec!!!!

A Mum with totally no idea of how to take pictures and only armed with my I phone!!!

We applied just to see and if honest totally forgot about it as My son was selected to apply for an academic scholarship at his school in jan so we were stressing over that as he was invited out of the blue!! The highest academic accolade being so talented in maths and English !!!

On waiting for info on his academic scholarship I was dumbfounded with an email that he has an invite to summer school !!

Yikes he must have known how to stand in the photos bless I got him out of bed at 11 pm!!! Found it googling and looking for dance camps!! And didn't want to miss a chance of a summer camp opportunity with his new found love of ballet x

So new to all this im self taught so far with no idea about ballet and the dance world and no links to dance ???? !! A talented Irish fsncing boy who swapped literally months ago to ballet and is flying!!!

Wow am I learning fast , and any leads like this one on the forum are much appreciated although this one is 14 plus

Relying on the forums and Google for help thank you Jane

Read lots of useful info so far

Thanks to everyone x

New ballet oy mum xx

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