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Quiet pointe shoes and advice for narrow feet please?


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My DD has been happy with her Grishko pointe shoes until her teacher said that she finds them too noisy and wants her to try either Bloch or Mirella. Can forum members please advise who carries the Mirella brand in London and recommend a good fitter? I know of the Bloch shop but do they also carry other brands? Any other suggestions for a silent shoe for narrow feet please? Thanks in advance.

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I know Mirella make leotards but had no idea they made pointe shoes.


If your daughter's feet have stopped growing, Gaynor Mindens are beautifully quiet. Freed Classic Pros are nice and quiet too once broken in. It might also be worth trying Merlet too. Both Merlet and Gaynor Minden are stocked at Dancia on Drury Lane, and Freed are a short walk away.

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