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ENB Adult Ballet - Advanced Pro Class Still has vacancies


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My posting has resulted from a conversation I heard at ENB where it has been suggested some of the Advance Pro dancers persuade there dancing friends from other classes they attend, to join them at ENB. It seems we only have typically 6 to 8 dancers taking this class every Monday night. Normally ENB limit class sizes to around 28, so there is an awful lot of spare capacity in that class, and its only available on Mondays.


I spoke to some of those girls as we use the same changing rooms as my class, about them posting on this forum, but they ask if I would as they weren’t aware of the forum.

I have know actual experience of that class, but I have been taught by that teacher in my advance class when my regular teacher has been away, I have always found her helpful and nice, she always speaks when I see her although I’m not in her class.

This is how ENB describes the Advanced Pro class
"Designed to challenge dancers who are looking to further develop their technique and artistry. This class is ideal if you are a dance graduate, ex/current professional dancer, and are looking for a non-syllabus, artistic class. (ages 18+)"


I tried to find out if they were offering this class as a pay as you go, similar to that of an open class, but unfortunately when I rang them I  always got an answer machine. If anyone is interested then do try ringing them and post the results on this thread. I will try and see the teacher next Monday night, and report back on this thread as it seams a shame to let those Advanced Pro places go.

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