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New Year Dance Resolutions


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We haven't done this yet?

Here are mine which have been ranked in order of achievability - first being simply a matter of time, last being pure whimsy.


DD to enter and win 2016 Prix De Lausanne.


Buy lotto ticket. Win. Spend winnings on vocational training for...all of us.


Lure one of my cats into that little dress up fairy tutu skirt long enough to take photo.


Find a clever, witty, classy, superior riposte whenever anyone says "oh, she doesn't get it (ballet) from you" NO she doesn't but.....but......gggrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Invent an antidote to or learn to suffer the complaints of DD's early morning "hairspray in the mouth" syndrome.


Finally move on from the horrendous episode that was DD getting sandwiched between the ticket barriers at Charing Cross and let her insert own ticket and go through.

It's been over a year now.


*Sew end of yoga mat carry bag so yoga mat stops sliding out on escalators.



Despite there being a confusing handle REMEMBER door to main ballet studio is a PUSH not a PULL to avoid twice a week idiot fumble.


If invited to watch/video rehearsals stop sitting primly then slouch as soon as the teacher's back turned. She knows. They always know.


Send off DD's EYB audition forms. Then contemplate but chicken out of sending her in Tring uniform

PLUS nanny's hand knitted Xmas present of...

Lilac mohair snood

Lilac mohair short sleeve cardigan

Lilac mohair fingerless gloves


Buy more than ONE PAIR of ballet tights at a time to last year.

Check uniform needs a wash before tomorrow.


Over to you.. X

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Ok, here are my wishful 2016 resolutions ...


1) she will sew her own shoes from now on


2) I will smack any nasty bullying teachers in the mouth if I come across any (sorry, long story, see prior thread for background info)


3) I will listen to MY music in the car and if she doesn't like Florence & the machine or ACDC then tough luck


4) I will buy a flask that keeps coffee warm-ish and not leak its entire contents if it tips over


5) I will try to understand interpretive / contemporary dance a bit more


6) I will get her to take her stuff out of my car at the end of each journey and not allow a selection of half eaten cereal bars, odd socks, water bottles, hair nets, make up etc to accumulate into a pile that makes me look like I'm on my way to the local tip when I go out anywhere.


7) I will change and keep my iTunes password secret so she stops downloading music she "needs" without asking


8) I will insist that she looks like a health conscious dancer by putting fruit in the little fruit section of the capezio water bottle that she asked for instead of putting skittles in it.


9) I will carry car parking change at all times


10) I will remember to charge phone portable charger

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I've heard that too but can't remember where from

I'm sure it was here....I don't want to cast aspersions! Maybe it's an urban legend...? I hope it's true, I rather like these type of stories plus it's a bit 'insider' and I don't have much ballet to be inside about?

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Yes..you do that, excellent.


I shall retreat to mind palace (steeples fingers) and try and remember where I read about lilac.


Or we could just wait for a mod? I tend to attract a mod eventually. Possible additional resolution- stop mod bothering.

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I've made my first ballet related spreadsheet - does that count as a NY Resolution? (Anyhow I feel I've made some unfathomable leap from novice ballet mum to a superior breed known as the 'advanced balletco mum'.)


Happy New Year PetalViolet - hopefully see you at pick up/drop off today?

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My resolution is stop feeling smug..

You know that feeling when your Dd does something in class better than everyone else and you smile inwardly to yourself with an air punch , and then pretend you never noticed when someone else says wow that was good.

Oh how I'm laughing to myself here, that's made me sound sound wicked..but you all know I'm not really

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