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Shostakovich Documentary


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Tonight I watched a fascinating programme about the writing and first performances of his Symphony No 7. Put into the appalling context of Stalin's Terror and the starvation of Leningrad by the Nazis, it included fascinating footage and interviews, as well as clear, intelligent presentation by a historian and a classical musician. It made me love the piece even more.


It will be on iPlayer for a month, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

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I can't recommend it highly enough either.  In fact, I could be standing on top of Mount Everest and still not be able to recommend it highly enough :)


Seriously, do catch up with it in the next month if you can.  It's called "Leningrad and the Orchestra that defied Hitler". 

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Missed that but will definitely catch up then.


There was also a very good Doc on Rachmaninov the day before. Some of his piano music is very difficult to play and when you see the size of his hands and their stretch I'm not surprised!! Definitely worth catching too.

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I've just spotted that this is being repeated in the early hours today (well, technically tomorrow) on BBC4.  Not to be missed, if you haven't seen it already (although presumably you will be able to catch up with it on iPlayer in due course).

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