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Belfast Opera Director Annilese Miskimmon appointed Opera Director in Oslo

Jan McNulty

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Yes it would...but sadly female opera directors are a very rare breed. :(


Not that rare... to name but a few with production credits with the UK's major companies: Francesca Zambello, Deborah Warner, Phyllida Lloyd, Katie Mitchell, Annabel Arden, Fiona Shaw, Olivia Fuchs, Rodula Gaitanou, Marie Lambert, Mariame Clement... (edited to add: ...and of course Annilese Miskimmon, who I wouldn't have hesitated to mention were she not already the subject of this thread!)


They are certainly very under-represented in the industry in comparison with men, but they aren't that rare.  I'd have more trouble trying to name female choreographers with work being presented at a similar level of prominence.

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