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Weird error message


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I upgraded the computer to Windows 10 last night, and when I use Internet Explorer I'm getting this weird error message on this forum, and it's happening every time I go to a new page, which is a pain.


A box comes up with the message


"An error has occurred in the script on this page


Line: 1

Char: 9

Error: Expected identifier

Code: 0

URL: "


with the choices to continue or not continue to run the script. It doesn't seem to matter if I say Yes or No, it then reverts to the page. But it's happening on every single bloody page.


Not sure if it's just this forum because I don't belong to any other IPB forums, but it's not happening on the vBulletin forums where I post, and it's not happening in Chrome, just IE.


Do the IPB support forums have any information on things getting buggered up in IE after the Windows 10 upgrade?


ETA: it's not happening at BalletAlert, which is another Invision board.

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It's working fine in Firefox.


I think there might just be something about the upgrade that's buggering things up in general, because my computer keeps losing the internet while other computers in the house aren't having problems. I'll have to research some of this stuff and see if I can find suggestions for fixing it.


Thanks for checking.

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