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Upper School auditions 2016

Anna C

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Elmhurst said they would be taking about 40 to finals. Last year they took on 7 non-Elmhurst students into upper school. Don't know about Tring yet.

They took a more than 7 non Elmhurst students into the current 6.1 year group. I just took a look at the program for the recent prelims for the solos competition and there are 9 girls and 1 boy who weren't at lower school in year 11. This list wasn't the full year group either as some students didn't dance due to injury. Last year there were over 60 students at the final. I don't recall from our meetings how many students they said they will take to finals. if you have all the requirements they are looking for you will be offered a finals audition, they don't limit the numbers, those decisions aren't made until finals when they have to make choices due to bed numbers and funding. good luck everyone

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