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Standard required for 6th form entry


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I have been following the thread about the Bolshoi and found some video footage on YouTube of the student who is hoping to start at the school this September. This is the closest that I have come to seeing the standard that is required at this level so it is very interesting as I have a daughter who will be auditioning for 6th form places soon.


Is this similar to the level required by the leading UK classical schools or are their requirements generally considered to be higher or lower than the Bolshoi?


I wish her the very best of luck and hope that if she or her family are reading this that they are flattered that I have used her as an example of something to aspire to!!


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The Bolshoi seem to be looking for a particular "look" (along with the ability to be trained of course) - the schools in the UK are also looking for the right physical attributes, but have more of a variety of shapes and sizes to a certain extent. They're all looking for students who they can train to be employable ballet dancers at the end of the day. (But having also just watch the YouTube clips I'd say that that's the kind of standard you need to be for any of the top school's whichever country they're in)

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