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As there is often a lot of discussion about opera on this forum, and because many ballet fans are also opera and music fans, we have decided to trial a sub-forum in the Not Dance area, entitled Opera & Music. This area will, we hope, engender the same kind of varied and interesting debates that we get on the dance threads. So, anyone who would like to discuss opera, opera singers/producers/directors/conductors/productions/concerts, and anything else to do with opera and music, please go ahead and start some conversations! It goes without saying that our AUP applies to this new thread in just the same way as it does to the rest of the forum. Any unsubstantiated gossip about peoples' private lives, professional contracts, etc. will not be permitted. Nor will abrasive posting. That having been said....we do hope you will enjoy the new area.

Best wishes,

Simonetta Dixon
BalletcoForum Committee

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