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Mariinsky.ru/en/ is the official site of the theater in English. It is very easy to navigate. Purchasing efficient. Choice of seats on map. There are two prices given: one for Russian citizens the other for foreigners, select the appropriate one. Tickets can be picked up at box office or printed at home. And there are no service fees!

I have used this site numerous times and never had a problem.

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I agree, the English version of the Mariinsky website is simple to use and you can print your tickets at home. If you're going to the old theatre I'd avoid the stalls unless you're tall because the rake is poor. Best place to sit is the front row of the stalls boxes or dress circle as central as possible, again avoid the rows behind unless you're tall. I haven't noticed the differential pricing recently. Top price these days for full length classics is about 8000 roubles, mixed bills are cheaper.

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