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Software to check bookmarks for validity/duplication?


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I have literally thousands of Bookmarks/Favorites, collected over the last decade or two, and a lot of them are now "dead", of course.  I was wondering if anyone knew of any software which would check them all to see if they were still valid? (and then flag them up to me so I can see what to do with them, rather than delete them!)  It would be even better still if it could check for unnecessary duplication of bookmarks as well!


Thanks in anticipation.

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I've tried many products with different slants - from software that just checks links to full-blown link managers which also let you tag your bookmarks and then search easily within your bookmarks. For years I used Powermarks for this but it was sadly discontinued. Many Powermarks users migrated to Linkman, which also has support for Firefox. There's a free and a pro version:


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