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GCSE Dance textbook


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Please can anyone recommend the best textbook for gcse dance - there seem to be several and I don't know which one to get.


DD has been taking a 'mini' gcse as part of year 8 options and the teacher has just told them they have a test next week, although she doesn't expect anybody to do very well...(great motivational skills there).


The teacher, who thinks she knows what she's talking about but doesn't, hasn't given them all that much to go on other than banging on about 'motifs' as if they were the be-all and end-all.


i would like to order a book asap so dd can revise like mad between now and next friday :) so she can show this teacher what's what!

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It depends which syllabus she's studying. Gone are the days of one or two exam boards - now there are AQA and a whole load of others, or so it seems!


My dd is studying GCSE now and will take it in 2013 and her text book is this one: http://www.play.com/Books/Books/4-/9101117/AQA-GCSE-Dance/Product.html?searchstring=Gcse+dance&searchsource=0&searchtype=allproducts&urlrefer=search



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