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Ballet and Dance Companies .... and appropriate Brand Placement?

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Others amongst you might have picked up that the Porsche car company has entered into a formal partnership with Stuttgart Ballet - apparently they already had a similar arrangement with the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra - under a "Premium meets Premium" banner. I doubt that it means Boxters or Carreras all round for the dancers, but there's an announcement at:




Now, I can think of Cartier having an Opening Night thing with the RB when the company launched its full 3-part "Jewels" a few years back, and ENB seems to get involved with fashion designers and the like from time to time, but I can't think of anything as seemingly permanent as this Porsche/Stuttgart deal.


So, can the imaginative amongst you come up with other suitable pairings ... as international or outrageous as you like?


(Bruce might approve of ENB with Morgan.)

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We overheard an audience member in Bath saying some years ago "This company is from Leeds - they eat fish and chips up there"! I had to stop my Yorkshire-born-and-bred friend from turning round and thumping her! Perhaps to prove the cliche Harry Ramsden's could sponsor Northern Ballet?


Edited to correct spelling mistake!

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