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London Junior Ballet Auditions


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Hi star. My DD auditioned for LJB a couple of years ago and was accepted but didn't take up the offer for various other commitment reasons. The rather nice man who runs the place ( I forget his name) told me that they accept one in four. I've heard good things about it. Good luck.

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My daughter goes to London Junior and Senior Ballet. I can only say good things about it, my daughter has improved so much since joining and always enjoys her time there. We have to get up at 5am to make it in time for her day of lessons so you can imagine it has to be exceptionally good to give that kind of comittment. Will answer any other questions - pm me if you would like x

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Thank you all for making me feel welcome..


If daughter gets in we would also have an early start !!

Can anyone help as to regards what to expect in the audition...any advice greatly appreciated!! Thanks again to all..

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Welcome Star.


My DS went to London Junior & Senior Ballet for nearly 5 years and is now at Central School of Ballet.

Can't remember what the auditions are actually like I'm afraid. Peter Railton is the Administrator and Nicola Bowden the Principal.

There is a small committee who run the 'shop' selling uniform, shoes and LJ&SB personalised items and are always wanting willing volunteers to help.


We too had a very early start but we are lucky that we have a fast train to London from where we live to cover the 100 miles plus to be up there for a 9am start, arriving into the station at 8.15am to get across London and for him to change. My DS enjoyed the non-syllabus Ballet classes, Repertoire (when in LJB), the Contemporary classes (when in LSB) and the Boys Coaching.


It has definitely been worth my DS & I putting in the time and energy in going to LJ&SB for him to have got a place at Central.

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