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New Ballet Summer School in London


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This summer (30 July - 3 August) Invitation to Dance Summer school will run at the ISTD2 studios in Old Street.


The focus will be classical ballet with additional classes in repertoire (solo and group), contemporary and creative workshops - taught by working professionals Bethany Elliott (ex-Matthew Bourne), Christopher Hinton-Lewis (Northern Ballet, ex-Royal New Zealand Ballet), Diarmaid O'Meara (National Ballet of Ireland).


The focus of the week long intensive course will be dancing and will culminate in an informal performance for freinds and family.


For more information, ask us questions here, or check out www.invitationtodance.org.uk in the next few days (it is currently under construction).

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On the website it does say that it is aimed at dancers 13-18. We decided against having rigid minimum entry requirements as the classes will be streamed and we both know talented young dancers who work outside of recognised syllabus. Applications are encouraged from dancers of all backgrounds and experience levels and classes will be tailored so all dancers can be pushed at a rate appropriate to them.

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Hi! Yes, it's the first week of the Olympics - what can I say, we (and the dancers and parents who've applied) have faith in TFL.


The two closest stations, Old Street and Shoreditch High St haven't been earmarked as busy stations so we reckon all will be well. Plus for those with little interest in sport it will be some welcome escapism :-)


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Hi. For those of you who may be interested, here's a full list of teachers for Invitation to Dance summer school 2012:


Ballet - Christopher Hinton-Lewis (Northern Ballet), Bethany Elliott (New Adventures, teacher on Laban CAT), Diarmaid O'Meara (National Ballet of Ireland, teacher on Laban CAT)


Contemporary - Jack Jones (New Adventures)


Creative - Jo Meredith (choreographer for National Youth Ballet)


For further information please visit www.invitationtodance.org.uk

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