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National Youth Ballet Gala on 30 August 2015

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I have just seen in the Evening Standard that the Bloomsbury Theatre will not reopen in time for this show because of the asbestos problem connected with their renovations.

What a blow for NYB and all the children ….. I hope that another venue can be found but I'm sure at this late stage that won't be easy.

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Yes what a shame. It's a really nice little theatre too with good views from anywhere you sit and a good size stage etc. I hope they get the problem sorted asap.


There do seem to be a few small theatres around have never heard of until this year.

There is the Lanterns one over near Canary Wharf and apparently another small theatre there that's been mentioned by people on my Facebook page but can't recall what it's called.

Apparently there's one near London Bridge which Crystal Ballet used for their Swan Lake intensive performance recently too.

And Only just found out about the St James theatre near Victoria station a couple of weeks ago!!


I do hope they get somewhere to perform.....after all that hard work it will be so disappointing for them....perhaps can delay for a while and hope the Bloomsbury is fixed quicker than expected.

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Central St Martin's also has a theatre, I discovered recently. It's now on Sadler's Wells' website. There is also the Peacock Theatre. I don't know whether Sadler's Wells is closed for a couple of weeks but there doesn't seem to be anything on there until a few days into September.

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