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Gandini Juggling - 4 x 4 Ephemeral Architectures

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I saw Gandini Juggling's 4 x 4 Ephemeral Architectures at the Lowry last night.


It is a piece for 4 jugglers and 4 ballet dancers accompanied by a string quintet.  It has been choreographed by Ludovic Ondiviela.


I found it to be inventive, amusing and compelling.  I especially liked the sections where the dancers interacted with the jugglers - passing them balls, taking balls or even the girls being lifted by the jugglers.


There is one particularly beautiful segment where one dancer is encircled by the jugglers juggling batons - the effect for me was almost like the dancer being in a room with a high vaulted room.


Unfortunately there was no programme available so I can't identify any of the dancers or jugglers or musicians.


I really enjoyed this performance and would recommend it if you want to see something a bit different!


Here's a link to the website page that has a short trailer and some more details.

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I saw this at The Lowry with my daughter and also enjoyed it. I found it it really quirky and fun to watch. We found the lack of programme frustrating as we like to know who we have watched but we do know one of the dancers was Kieron Stonely who we thought was amazing and very friendly when we spoke to him after the show :)

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