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American Ballet Theatre News (including Alban Lendorf)

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This is the link to the ABT website page that lists all the promotions and the fact that Alban Lendorf and Maria Kotchetkova are joining the company (albeit both still being members of RDB and SFB respectively.


Congratulations to all the promotees, especially Stella Abrera whose promotion to principal has been overshadowed by Misty Copeland's news.


I can't help but think ENB have missed a trick here.


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I'm just going to copy over a comment I made within the 'Misty Copeland' ABT promotion item posted yesterday by Sim as it seems in the overall somehow more fitting here.  That said, I, too, offer Ms. Copeland congratulations as part of the ABT home team.  (I would move that item if I could but sadly that is not within my gift.)    


This is wonderful that K. McKenzie is investing this year more than before in home ABT talent -- including Briton Thomas Forster.  So pleased for the gifted Ms Abrera.  That recognition has been a long time coming.  


Interesting too about the two principals brought in from outside.  The first (see below) has guested with ABT on a goodly number of occasions, the latter less so.  I guess we will (or should perhaps expect to) be seeing less of Lendorf at ENB.  Sad as I thought he was a wonderful partner for Rojo.  Both of these dancers are obviously splitting their duties with their current home companies.  The latter, too, further cements the Danish tradition in NYC - although that has been of late cemented with the Company across the plaza.  That said one cannot forget Bruhn's or Lander's historically close ABT association.  Excellent.




two more principals were hired from outside: Maria Kochetkova, a principal with San Francisco Ballet, and Alban Lendorf, a principal with Royal Danish Ballet

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I just thought they may have wanted to grab Mr Lendorf as he has successfully appeared with them a number of times.  I certainly would have made a special journey to see him and I am sure many other people would have too.

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We don't know that ENB didn't make an approach. I think that financially and prestige-wise ABT would always 'win out' over ENB. Actually, part-time principals (by that I mean those who are still contracted to their previous company) are probably not ideal for ENB anyway as they are probably less keen to tour (in the UK) which can present casting headaches. Part-time principals also block promotion from within the company and therefore I, personally, would not like to see a lot of part-time principals join ENB (or any other companies).

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Veronika Part to Leave American Ballet Theate…  her contract was not renewed for another year.

"…  fans created a petition on Change.org asking Kevin McKenzie, Ballet Theater’s artistic director, and Kara Medoff Barnett, its executive director, to keep Ms. Part in the company."

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