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Looking for dead pointe shoes + need some opinions

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Hi,I'm in the UK and doing fine art & business at night classes at my local college

I would like to request that if you have any dead pointe shoes (England & Scotland only please)

You could consider sending them to me rather than throwing them away.

My project is to consider the perfect pointe shoe for dancers

I would prefer dead pointe shoes as I am ripping the shank out (shank less or de-shanked or also therefore welcome) then I will be reconstructing my own version of a shank before placing it in the shoe.

If you would like to know anything else do feel free to ask and I will keep the page updated on every step

I am also looking for opinions,my plan and sketches etc all correspond to a cross between a gaynor minden,Bloch and a Freed pointe shoe in that you have to work hard In the shoes as with traditional,they shape perfectly to your arch and they last a long time as well as being as pain free as possible for all dancers

Thank you so much for all of your help in advance !!! :)


((just trying to bump up the post to the top of the lost))

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