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Looking for dead pointe shoes & I need some opinions on brands

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Hi,I'm in the UK and doing fine art & business at night classes at my local college

I would like to request that if you have any dead pointe shoes (England & Scotland only please)

You could consider sending them to me rather than throwing them away.

My project is to consider the perfect pointe shoe for dancers

I would prefer dead pointe shoes as I am ripping the shank out (shank less or de-shanked or also therefore welcome) then I will be reconstructing my own version of a shank before placing it in the shoe.

If you would like to know anything else do feel free to ask and I will keep the page updated on every step

I am also looking for opinions,my plan and sketches etc all correspond to a cross between a gaynor minden,Bloch and a Freed pointe shoe in that you have to work hard In the shoes as with traditional,they shape perfectly to your arch and they last a long time as well as being as pain free as possible for all dancers

Thank you so much for all of your help in advance !!! :)

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Hi, when would be the latest you would want them for? I have a pair that are too small for me however am having to keep them till the end of the summer as my mum is refusing to buy me any new ones till after the summer just in case I grow (again!!) also, they aren't dead, only a bit worn, not sure if that would be a problem? ????

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There are probably some dead Gaynors buried in the depths of my DD's room if they are any use to you. (But be warned, they may be rather smelly....) She is away on a school trip at the moment but if you can wait a week or so i can ask her to find some.

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That's fine.Anything is basically useful even if they're dying on the toe box as I only need the shoe, to experiment with different shanks and take a few different shoes apart and figure out what the shanks are made of and try to make a mixture of all 3 types of shoe mentioned to create the ideal pointe shoe for everybody or at least a shank for everybody particularly to get it so even beginners at pointe work can wear them without worrying about loosing foot strength as some do with gaynor mindens.It is the. A task of having the same effectiveness with different widths and lengths of the shoe which is likely going to be the tricky part so it's lovely that everybody is chipping in and helping me out as much as they can and even inboxing me to tell me their opinions on the perfect shoe.Thank you all so much

I forgot to mention earlier for those curious.You are also welcome to donate Demi-pointe shoes that you no longer need/want as they don't have a shank but have a slight toe box so are still useful ????

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I have a few pairs if they will be any use, all very dead, old and smelly!


Gamba 93s, deshanked

Bloch Serenades, deshanked

Gamba 97s still with shank (3/4 shank)


Gamba Delco soft blocks if you want them?


Think that's it for the minute!


Whereabouts are you base? PM if you want any of them

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OK, being dense and can't find the edit button, but I also have a pair of Bloch soft blocks and a pair of Merlet Adagio not worn that much so not very smelly, pretty soft but with the shanks still in (I was unhappy with the quality so had a replacement pair which I haven't used yet)

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My project requires some more shoes,if anybody is able to donate a pair or two?


I'm finding it easier to work with those that are already 3/4 shanked as I can adjust the shank until it's a 1/4 or lengthen it again.De-shanked are also very useful (Demi-pointe as well)


If anybody wants a big update on the project simply message me and I can enlighten you !

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