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"Go to next new post" not working?

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I've noticed over the last few days that when I click on the star or spot next to a thread title which is supposed to take me to the first posting in a thread which I haven't read, it's not working.  Fortunately, it does at least seem to take me to the correct page, just dumps me at a post I've already read.  Is anyone else finding this, or is it just me?


It's certainly happening with Internet Explorer 8 - will have to wait until I can try it on Chrome to see whether it's forum-related or browser-related, I guess.  IE8 *has* been behaving rather oddly the last couple of days, so it could be a problem there (but please don't tell me to upgrade IE - it's not physically possible, short of buying a new computer).  I did clear my cache out yesterday: that doesn't seem to have changed anything.

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