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Found 5 results

  1. I'm starting a new thread as the old one is just for triple bills. The Don Q casting is now on the ROH website: https://www.roh.org.uk/productions/don-quixote-by-carlos-acosta Friday February 15 7.30 Nuñez Muntagirov Saturday February 16 Takada McRae Tuesday February 19 Takada McRae Wednesday February 20 Nuñez Muntagirov Friday February 22 Cuthbertson Ball Saturday February 23 mat Kaneko Corrales Saturday February 23 eve Nuñez Muntagirov Wednesday February 27 Kaneko Corrales Friday March 1 Takada McRae Saturday March 2 Naghdi Sambé Friday March 22 Cuthbertson Ball Monday March 25 Osipova Corrales Saturday March 30 mat Magri Campbell Saturday March 30 eve Osipova Corrales Monday April 1 Cuthbertson Ball Wednesday April 3 Naghdi Sambé Thursday April 4 Magri Campbell edited to correct April 3 casting typo
  2. The casting for Giselle and The Winter's Tale has just been posted on the ROH website: http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/giselle-by-peter-wright http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/the-winters-tale-by-christopher-wheeldon Edit: Age of Anxiety casting now added. http://www.roh.org.uk/mixed-programmes/new-wayne-mcgregor-the-age-of-anxiety-new-christopher-wheeldon It will probable be some time before we know the casting of the new works.
  3. Just quickly, as I want to get back to take it all in, the RB's winter casting (not included in the ROH Magazine) is now on the ROH website, although one has to search under each production. The repertoire in question is, of course: Giselle, the Wheeldon Triple Bill, and Rhapsody/Two Pigeons Some delights in store.
  4. All relatively smooth here ... got everything I wanted ... short of the Amphi standing for opening Giselle (everything was gone so had to settle for a slip at extra dosh) and no amphi standing AT ALL for ANY performance of Cav/Pag. That said the queue went through very quickly and there were no itinerant messages. Might now the ROH's website problems have been sorted for good? (If so perhaps we should just lie low rather than tempt fate.) How did others find it?
  5. This was the first day of online booking for the ROH Winter season for Supporting Friends, and once again the website was full of glitches. The operation in response to each seat request was sluggish and often ended in an error report and request to try again. Since booking opened at 9 am there was no one in the box office (opens at 10am) or the Friends office (opens at 9.30) to provide any assistance, although the telephone operator did offer the information that "they" were trying to do something about the problem. Eventually I was able to book all the tickets I wanted, although all insight evenings were fully booked, but I have pretty well given up ever getting in to one of those. However, the process was much slower and more laborious than usual. These problems have been going on ever since the ROH started online booking. Are they ever going to get it right?
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