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Found 6 results

  1. Would be very grateful for some advice .... My daughter has just received a purple Tendu resistance band and is discouraged because it seems to be (in my opinion at least) very 'heavy duty'. Do other people's 12 year old daughters use this and manage to do all those arabesquey stretching poses with it?! Thanks for any help :-)
  2. I thought I would pop this thread in here purely for the reason that because the 21st century Dancer and aspiring Ballet Dancer are required to possess very demanding physical attributes and skills from a very young age. In the process of this there is more and more calling for Dancers to possess strength, flexibility and general athleticism and simultaneously avoid becoming injured There are some safe and effective ways to enhance performance and there are some methods which are more risky and dangerous and should be avoided. There also some approaches that Dancers are starting to adopt to enable their bodies to withstand the large demand placed upon them. Therefore I wanted to open this topic to discuss evidence and research based methods for improving the strength and flexibility of young Dancers safely and for questions to be asked surrounding myths and methods for improving a Ballet Dancers athletic and aesthetic capability whilst decreasing risk of injury. Please feel free to post any questions that may be Physio related or any queries regarding exercises and training for Young Dancers. All the Best.
  3. Hello, I'm currently in a pointe class and everyone except me has their pointe shoes. Has anyone got any exercises or advice to help me get my pointe shoe faster, I have been doing exercises with a theraband but I just want to know people opinions. I don't mind waiting as I know you have to have patience whilst waiting to hear you are ready for pointe shoes but I just wanted to do this outside of class to increase my changes earlier or quicker Thanks guys!!
  4. DD has just got a Gaynor Mindon flexibility band but doesn't really know what to do with it. Can anyone recommend a DVD or YouTube link, I don't want her to just have a go and risk forming poor habits or injury. She is 12 and very flexible but needs to build strength.
  5. hello everyone - hopefully a quick question? DD's associate teacher has asked her to get a Theraband and asked for "full strength" as some of the ones the other children were bringing weren't strong enough (according to my DD only who at best is incredibly unreliable). DD was talking about using them for arm and shoulder excercises with a partner primarily - does that make sense or sound familiar? Now this may just be the ramblings of an eight year old so can I ask.. What strength Theraband does or did your DC use when they first started (age 8) "full strength" seems a bit much? Is that maximum resistance?! Surely not. Does it have to be a "Theraband" is this a brand and are there cheaper alternatives? A pack of varying resistance is about £15 or more and I don't want to buy two or more bands she doesn't need if they aren't strong enough? The only help she could give me was that her teacher favoured "pinky ones" (sigh) I'm hoping that colour =resistance? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  6. tutugirl


    Hi ! Does anyone know what my ds means by a circular exercise band - apparently its red and black ! Where may I purchase such a thing ? Thank you . he is at vocational school - borrowed this off a friend - found it really useful , but we can't seem to get beyond this !
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