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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I'm just looking for some advice. My daughter almost 11 has expressed an interest in becoming a dance teacher. She isn't quite sure what she would like to teach yet but we want to help her in any way possible. She's been dancing since 6 initially just ballet & tap and now takes classes in modern, acro, contemporary & street (although she doesn't really enjoy street so is thinking of giving this class up). A couple of the girls she knows at dance have applied and successfully got into various associates and I'm just starting to see how the costs can increase and wonder how much it will cost if this is the career path she really does want. If in a couple of years she still wants to be a dance teacher do we need to look at her doing different types of training ie associates and is one associate per year enough? Also one of the older girls applied to CATS a couple of years ago, should we consider something like this? Or would additional lessons all year round and one off workshops be better. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, dear Forum, Plenty of useful information, experienced and knowlegeable commentators, pleasure to read. At the moment I'm looking for suggestions as to wheather and how I can push my teaching carreer up. I was trained as a ballet dancer in Belarus, then continued in Moscow. Had a little stage experience, then quit (working elswhere), coming back regularly for classes for adults and former dancers. Here in the UK I have been giving a helping hand with freestyle ballet classes but in order to become a professional I learnt I had to learn the syllabi of one of the recognized dance societies. I was introduced to ISTD and I didn't particularly like it. I was also told that probably RAD was more difficult (unfortunately, the schools around me are all ISTD). There's another option UKA. I understand I'll have to invest quite a bit of money and time in my teaching carreer and I'm happy to pay, but for good quality stuff that is close to what I have been doing. I know that there's modern dance with ISTD (which I learnt and would be intrested in mastering) and that's a plus. I'm trying to find some part-time work to support my studies (including some free style, not purely ballet classes for adults, for example). For this purpose I'll have to have a dance teacher insurance. Which is the best way to get it? Summing up all above said: 1) Will RAD ballet syllabus be better than ISTD (youtube videos suggest that probably will) but I'd like to know other opinios, thank you Or may be I should look at IST an another angle. 2) Which is the best way to get insured 3) Any alternatives in Modern (just in case) Just a quick question to professional teachers. As I said I have been helping (assisting) with classes. The teacher who runs classes does it in a lovely manner, trying to bring to the attention of kids technical issues and being entertaining at the same time, but, the way kids look, is far from decent. If this was my work, I definitely wouldn't be satisfied. Sometimes I'm told that I'm waisting time by asking them, for example, to repeat a tendu combination (so the feet remember where exactly they are going). But it seems to me that Examiners are not really that looking for good technique or am I wrong? I understand that kids probably get away with alot of thing as they are cute as they are, but what about higher Grades and Inters and Adv pupils? Thank you for your helpful advice
  3. COACHING for COACHES! A rare opportunity to see world class coaching using dancers from the Royal Ballet Company. For all teachers, repetiteurs and dancers considering their next career move - this is a very special day with Maina Gielgud at Ballet Boost on Sept 1st 2017. It involves the whole day -watching a ballet class and then observing Maina teach mime and stage craft. After lunch Teo Dubreuil and Anna Rose O'Sullivan from RB Company will arrive to be 'coached' in various solos and we are hoping to share crucial elements that are necessary when coaching. Its so very different to delivering a class and will be invaluable for those working on YAGP, Prix de Lausanne or even festival solos. This is an interactive workshop! If you are interested please fill in the attached form or email me info@balletboost.com. It should be an enlightening day as Maina coaches dancers around the world!! The dancers attending the Back to Ballet course from aug 29th will be lucky enough to watch the afternoon rehearsal at no extra cost having finished the course after the mime class! Full details available on www.balletboost.com on the 'other courses' page or at www.mainagielgud.com. Cost is £70 for the afternoon and can be as interactive as necessary. £85 to observe the entire day from 11am with students attending their technique class (taught by Emma Northmore) followed by mime taught by Maina. Coaching for Coaches.docx
  4. so I was looking into teaching ballet but dont think I want to do a syllabus, id rather teach an open class? does anyone know what qualifications you'd need for that?
  5. Venue: MAC Birmingham. To reserve a place simply email director@midas-dance.org.uk. NB EARLY BIRD RATE ENDS TODAY!
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me how the old Associate ISTD exam compares to DDI/DDE? I understand that Associates are not accredited. So if you wanted to progress further in higher education would you have to go back and study DDE etc first? Appreciate if anyone can advise! Thanks x
  7. Hi, Does anyone have any experience of the ISTD/Cechetti DDI qualification? I'd like to study for it through distance learning, but don't really know much about it! Thankyou x
  8. Do you need any specific qualifications to teach A level dance (I'm thinking in a private institution not a state school)?
  9. For years I've wanted to take the final part of my BBO teaching qualification but it's just been out of my price range. I've managed to complete my IDTA qualifications as they are much cheaper. I recently inherited a bit of money so financially it's now manageable. My dilemma: I lost my voice 14months ago and it just never came back. I've tried speech therapy, had nasoscopys, chest X-Ray's, hot lemon, honey, salt water everything with no avail. Apparently it's stress related. I've carried on teaching, I've taken no time off and still entered kids for exams. To all intents and purposes I can still do my job albeit quietly and at times it is difficult (I can't shout, even phone calls are out of the question). Is there any point me going to the interview for the course or will my voice automatically rule me out? I've not mentioned it in any communication so far. I'm worried that even if I am accepted my result will be lower than my vocally able counterparts. I wouldn't class myself it as a disability just something I've learnt to deal with. Any help and advice, the more honest the better! And if anyone has experience in higher education... Thank you in advance
  10. I want to be a dance teacher but what is it like to become a secondary dance teacher? I'm thinking about children's nursing but I'm so unsure need some advice please I've been dancing since I was 2 years old and suddenly the other day I wanted to do children's nursing but then I keep thinking about dance teaching, what do I decide??
  11. I wonder if anyone could help advise me about a student of mine who is finding really difficult to rise up on to pointe. She has good feet and reasonable technique, although she could improve her core strength and use of turnout. She has a really good demi-pointe range and her pointe shoes are well broken in (but not broken) but she finds it impossible to make the transition from demi to pointe as she rises. She either has to do do one foot at a time or uses her upper body weight on the barre to get her up! Releve's are fine, she's ok once she's up, but can't control that rise. I thought it might be lack of strength in her intrinsic foot muscles, but she can do doming, piano playing etc, so I don't think it's that. Any ideas what her problem could be?
  12. Wondering if anyone can help with info on becoming ISTD qualified (tap & maybe modern) Website gives info but I'm not entirely clear what's involved in reality. I have the relevant exams up to Adv1 (experience of Adv2 but didn't do the exams) so that's fine, I find an appropriate approved dance centre school to do DDI? How much experience of the syllabus are you meant to do? You sit the exam when ready and are an ISTD qualified teacher? Then there are the other units such as health & safety, are they separate to the rest? Just trying to work out how feasible it would be to do as my nearest approved dance centre is quite a journey away (not so many in Scotland). I already teach & have lots of experience, not sure if that would count. Thanks for any info!
  13. Hi there I'm 18 years old and I'm currently doing my IDTA Intermediate Ballet and hoping to start the Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS) in January 2016. I just have a few questions if you any of you have done it or know people that have, thanks 1. Do you know where you have to go for the intensive study period and how long it is? 2. What do you study on the intensive study period? 3. Do people stay in hotels/apartments or do you go home? I may not be able to afford it you see If you have any more info or experience about the course please tell me, thank you
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