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Found 62 results

  1. The casting is on BRB's website for the whole of the Spring Tour of Swan Lake!!! https://www.brb.org.uk/whats-on/event/swan-lake?utm_source=brb-facebook&utm_medium=post-video-casting&utm_campaign=swanlake-brb-tour#dates-and-times
  2. I saw a very pleasant performance of Swan Lake this afternoon at the Liverpool Empire. I got tickets for my favourite seats at half price in the sale so for £17 inc fees I had a lovely afternoon! The company now uses a projected back- screen instead of scenery and I thought this worked well, although the flying swans were a bit amateurish and distracting. Anyone who knows the Liverpool Empire will know it has a pretty large stage, but somehow RSBS managed to make the stage look too small for them?! I felt the dancers were a bit tight for space at times when all they needed to do was pull the red curtain type side drapes (see pic below) they had at the sides back into the wings a bit and they would have had another 2 meters to play with. Or maybe they keep it tight so they dance to the same spec at every theatre seeing as they are touring to a large number of venues? Odette/Odile was very competently danced by Anastasiia Belonogova - she had very expressive arms and a rock solid technique when it came to the full set of fouettes and more in Act 3. Her Prince Siegfried was danced by Francisco Gimenez and he was very nice, even if he did land rather heavily from his jumps. Rothbart wasn't quite menacing enough for me but well enough danced by Egor Oskoin. They have a Benno in this production and this was nicely danced by Marcello Pelizzoni. I must single out the Act4 black swans for praise, my goodness they were SO precise in their moves and timing, dancing as one and when the "block" of dancers moved across the stage they kept their lines perfectly, not one put a foot wrong. Dare I say they were as good as the Mariinsky for precision this afternoon, amazing to watch them. In general all the swans kept very straight lines and moved pretty much together and the 4 cygnets did their dance really well. I particularly enjoyed the Spanish Dance in Act 3 and Odile's fouettes were just fabulous she hardly moved off the spot and knocked them out at speed as the orchestra really played fast! The ending to this Swan Lake is a bit sad as Siegfried jumps into the lake with Rothbart, leaving Odette all alone at the lakeside. Ahhh. It was a pity that the house was not full but it is fuller this evening, however they got plenty of applause and, in true Russian style, really milked every last clap out of the audience throughout the show LOL! The costumes were very pleasant and colourful and Odile's sparkling black tutu and red tiara were beautiful. The orchestra was only small but played really nicely, and at times (Act 3) really fast, under the baton of Anatoliy Chepurnoy who also had a sense of humour - he conducted the audience's applause when he came on at the start 🙂 His long frock coat had some black diamante on it which I thought was a nice touch! I like that this production combines Acts 1 and 2 into one half and Acts 3 and 4 into the second half with only one interval so total run time was 2.20. There are loads more performances in the Tour around the UK throughout this winter/spring so catch them if you can I would say. A few curtain call pics. Ensemble Egor Osokin, Anastasiia Belonogova, Anatoliy Chepurnoy and Francisco Gimenez Anastasiia Belonogova Anastasiia Belonogova and Francisco Gimenez
  3. Selling due to diary clash. Francesca Hayward and Cesar Corrales in Swan Lake, 8 April 2020, Ampitheatre E47, 48 £82 or ONO.
  4. Bill Cooper, the photographer of this recently published book, and some Royal Ballet principals will be signing copies after the Manon rehearsal tomorrow (Tuesday, 1st October).
  5. Well, I'm assuming that the run of the Bolshoi's Swan Lake starts at the Royal Opera House tonight, so here's your chance to discuss it in detail.
  6. I apologise for the length of this post but would be interested to hear others’ opinions. Swan Lake is my favourite ballet. Maybe the reason is similar to that of a duckling attach itself to its earliest memory, whether it be a human or a wellington boot. It was the first ballet I ever experienced (at London Festival Ballet), and since then I’ve been hooked. And the sublime music was the first LP I ever bought. But there are so many Swan Lakes! I am about to see another next Saturday – I couldn’t resist the Zakharova/Rodkin combination even though this version isn’t my favourite. It is more abstract, with minimal mime and a rather abrupt ending, but I am sure the dancing will be transcendent and it will probably be my last chance to enjoy beautiful Svetlana in the role, given that she has passed her fortieth birthday. The best version I’ve seen is by (what was then) the Kirov, in their own theatre. Their scenery was just magical with a very realistic looking lake glimmering in the moonlight. The whole production was like an exquisite poem, with dancing to match. I still have the cast list somewhere but at the time didn’t recognise any of the names even though I can read Cyrillic script. The only thing I didn’t like was the overly happy ending. I thoroughly enjoyed the Royal Ballet older versions. Liam Scarlett’s new SL has some strong points (MacFarlane’s scenery is gorgeous) but I find Benno, Siegfried’s friend, irritatingly omnipresent whilst visually resembling some kind of bellboy. (For this role I prefer the Bolshoi jester who is terrific albeit perhaps less true to the original production.) I’m not sure about the late C19th costumes; for what is a fairy story I’d prefer the era to be more ambiguous. And why is Von Rothbart so visible at court, glowering melodramatically at the Prince who must surely be his social superior? And the ending is tragic but inappropriately uses the music which signifies triumph and positivity where Tchiakovsky changes the swan theme to a major key (suited to an Apotheosis). Then there is 26-year-old Nureyev’s version in which he dared to change a great deal of the choreography, and for which he and Fonteyn got a legendary 89 curtain calls in Vienna. This I have only seen on video of course. There have been many, many other productions by different companies all over the world, and I have seen a few of these too but none remains lodged firmly in my memory. None is perfect but all are worth watching for this Tchaikovsky addict. I never tire of this ballet. Do YOU have a favourite ‘Lebedinoye Ozero’? And if so, why?
  7. Does anyone know what the parts are for juniors and seniors in swan Lake ? i have several pupils at casting day today . I’d like to be able to tell them a bit about their parts ! Presume seniors are swans ! Thank you
  8. The season of performances opened tonight in Plymouth. All reviews and comments on here please. Over to you!
  9. Just announced for next June: https://www.ballet.org.uk/production/swan-lake-round/
  10. Spare ticket for Bolshoi at roh on aug 12th at 7:30 Stalls circle standing d11 cost £15 Any one interested please let me know Thanks
  11. As a postscript to the recent discussion on 32 fouettés, here is a clip of Beryl Grey, probably while still a teenager, doing Black Swan/Odile with John Field (the reference in the Huntley archive says the film has sound but this poor quality YouTube sample is silent) More information would be welcome.
  12. I saw Swan Lake on Sunday in Amsterdam. Odette/Odile - Maia Makhateli Siegfried - Daniel Camargo Rothbart - Jared Wright Alexander (Benno) - Semyon Velichko This Swan Lake was choreographed by Rudi Van Dantzig, after Petipa and Ivanov, and was beautifully staged with a lovely set and colourful costumes which enhanced the lovely peasant dances and the pas de trois of Act 1. There were also young dancers from the Ballet School in Act 1 which were very nice, but did make the stage seem rather crowded at times. I was looking out for, and pleased to see, Daniel Silva as one of the noblemen as he is known to a friend of mine and I must say he has a lovely line and an elegance to his dancing especially his hands and finishing of movements. The pas de trois was danced by Siegfried's friend Alexander (Semyon Velichko) with Daniel Camargo as Siegfried helping out in places. The 2 ladies were Yauanyaun Zhang and Aya Okumura who is actually to join Berlin next season. In this Swan Lake Odette represents Siegfried's high ideals and I was thrilled when I read Maia Makhateli was to dance the role of Odette/Odile in this performance as she is one of my favourite dancers. Maia did not disappoint and performed the role with great confidence and the right amount of empathy with Odette, as well as beautiful lines and arms. Maia is well partnered with Daniel Camargo and I have seen them dance together several times now. The swans all performed well with nice straight lines for the most part - and the 4 cygnets were great - I was pleased to see Riho Sakamoto in this piece. The 2 big swans were danced by Vera Tsyganova and Maria Chugai. On to Act 3 which was somewhat extended compared to most other Swan Lakes I have seen. Whilst it was colourful and well danced I found myself getting a little, dare I say it, bored?! The start of the Act features 6 princesses as would be brides for Siegfried, one of whom plays shy - yes it was funny, but was it really appropriate here hmm I'm not sure. I felt the drama that usually attaches to the entrance of Odile was lost a bit because of the over long pas de six. Odile seemed to arrive on stage quite well into the Act and I would have preferred to see her earlier and dance a bit more as a tease to Siegfried. The usual national dances were done - Spanish, Neapolitan and Hungarian Czardas, but the whole Act was somewhat dominated as I say by that overlong Pas de Six. It was nice to see Martin ten Kortenaar in the pd6 along with Floor Eimers and Timothy van Poucke who won the Alexandra Radius Prize this season. However when it finally, finally, came to the fouette section Maia Makhateli blew me away with her amazing, rock solid, tight fouettes, doubles mostly, and she must have whipped off close to 40 ending with huge applause from the audience. Then Camargo followed with his set of turns as well equally applause worthy and then he was finally betrayed - you could feel his shock and sorrow as Odile laughed in his face and dashed off stage with her Father. The final Act was beautifully danced by the corps de ballet swans in their various formations which were well executed. Siegfried meets Odette who forgives him. However he drowns despite defying Rothbart and Alexander finds Siegfried dead on the shore of the lake. Alexander carries Siegfried to the front of the stage and the curtains closed..... The orchestra were wonderful and conducted by Boris Gruzin. At 3.5 hours long this has to be the longest Swan Lake I have ever seen. That was certainly good value for money! It was worth the day trip to Amsterdam although that turned out to be a longer stay thanks to airline problems and I did not get home until the next day via London and trains up to Manchester Airport!! Some photos from the curtain call are below. Maia Makhateli and Daniel Camargo Boris Gruzin/Maia Makhateli/Daniel Camargo Ensemble of Swan Lake Some of the Swans at the curtain call - front centre is Riho Sakamoto.
  13. The Russian State Ballet & Orchestra of Siberia are performing a collection of works across the UK at the moment including La Fille Mal Gardee, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Giselle, Cinderella, Snow Maiden. I went to see La Fille Mal Gardee at Buxton Opera House tonight and was very satisfied and enjoyed the performance very much. Lise, Colas, and Widow Simone were Elena Svinko, Marcello Pelizzoni, and Pavel Kirchev. It was almost incomparable to the Birmingham Royal Ballet production (Ashton) I saw (for the first time) a couple of months ago at the Lowry Salford. No famous clog dance music, no ribbon promenade, no maypole. However it was full of great top quality dancing and wonderfully played music and had it's own set of highlights. The Widow Simone was extremely good, having more solo work than the the BRB version, Colas and Lise had more 'showy' pas de deux and solo work particularly in Act II and performed them with aplomb. The Esmeralda solo with tambourine is inserted into Lisa's solos in Act I. Then Act II ramped up the effects and bravura from the leads and the corps (coupe jetes, fouettes etc) so the stage and theatre fairly buzzed with lively, joyous, action. Some very nice umbrella work from the corps in the thunderstorm scene. My first trip to Buxton and being in the upper circle I could not see the strange rake of the stage that has been mentioned on this forum. I did think the stage small and saw one of the corps rather flinch and duck when Colas was doing his grand manege, and Lise almost fell into the orchestra pit at the end of a diagonal in one of her solos! Really have to compliment the orchestra they were terrific and got my feet tapping to the spirited music - something I hardly ever do. Yes overall it's not the quite at the level of the major UK companies, but I'd highly recommend this company based on this performance.
  14. NEW ADVENTURES PRODUCTION OF MATTHEW BOURNE’S SWAN LAKE IN CINEMAS NATIONWIDE ON 21 MAY Running time 130 mins / BBFC TBC / Released in cinemas nationwide 21 May 2019 UK, London: Thursday 31 January 2019, 12.00noon – More2Screen is delighted to announce that the legendary and award-winning dance production, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, will be screened in cinemas nationwide on Tuesday 21 May 2019. Matthew Bourne commented: "I’m thrilled that this brand-new production of my Swan Lake will be in cinemas across the UK from 21 May. It has become a modern classic much beloved by the British public and throughout the world. Its popularity has never been greater and several generations of audiences have been inspired and moved by its universal story of love and acceptance. Now 24 years after Swan Lake was first performed more people than ever before will be able to experience the dramatic power and mesmerising performances on the big screen." New Adventures production of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake comes to cinemas with a fresh look for the 21st century and is as daring and beautiful as ever. This thrilling, audacious and witty production is perhaps still best known for replacing the female corps-de-ballet with a menacing male ensemble, which shattered convention, turned tradition upside down and took the dance world by storm. Retaining the iconic elements of the original staging loved by millions around the world, Matthew Bourne and award-winning designers Lez Brotherston (Set & Costumes) and Paule Constable (Lighting) have created a stunning re-imagining of this classic New Adventures production. Filmed live at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London, in January 2019, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake stars Will Bozier as The Swan/The Stranger, Liam Mower as The Prince and Nicole Kabera as The Queen. Collecting over thirty international accolades including an Olivier Award and three Tonys on Broadway, Matthew Bourne’s powerful interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece is a passionate and contemporary Swan Lake for our times. Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake is directed for the screen by Ross MacGibbon and produced by Illuminations. It is being screened in cinemas worldwide by More2Screen, a leading Event Cinema distributor based in London. For more information and to book cinema tickets visit swanlakecinema.com #SwanLakeCinema ********* CREDITS Cast The Swan/The Stranger – Will Bozier The Prince – Liam Mower The Queen – Nicole Kabera The Girlfriend – Katrina Lyndon The Private Secretary – Glenn Graham Production Director & Choreographer – Matthew Bourne Set & Costumes – Lez Brotherston Lighting Designer – Paule Constable Sound Designer – Ken Hampton Music composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky NOTES TO EDITORS About Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures New Adventures is an iconic and ground-breaking British dance-theatre company, famous for telling stories with a unique theatrical twist. For over 30 years Matthew Bourne and New Adventures have delighted, inspired and nurtured people of all ages and backgrounds: audiences, artists and the next generation. We create world class productions and engaging projects, reaching thousands worldwide every year. New Adventures has received numerous international awards and an incredible 12 Olivier Award nominations, including 6 wins. Over the past 30 years New Adventures has created 11 full-length productions and a triple-bill of short works. This award-winning repertoire has inspired and thrilled millions of people worldwide. In 2019 the company premieres its 12th full-length production, Romeo and Juliet. Investing in the future of dance and theatre, New Adventures engages in inclusive projects with thousands of people of all ages and ability, as well as emerging artists across the UK and around the world. https://new-adventures.net/ About More2Screen More2Screen is a leading distributor of Event Cinema with an unparalleled reputation among its blue-chip partners for professionalism, responsiveness and the delivery of great cinema events to audiences around the world for a maximum commercial return. Founded in 2006 by CEO Christine Costello, it has been a global pioneer in the harnessing of digital technology to bring the very best in live music, performance arts and cultural entertainment to local cinema audiences. In collaboration with its stellar list of long-standing content partners, More2Screen has acted as consultants, producers and worldwide distributors in bringing over 150 ‘special event’ productions to its network of more than 7,000 cinemas in 65+ international territories. Its extensive catalogue of world-class productions from across the cultural spectrum is second to none and includes many sector ‘firsts’. More2Screen is proud to have been named Global Box Office Award winner in 2014, 2015 and 2018, and winner of the inaugural Best European Distributor award in 2015 (Event Cinema Association). A Screen International Screen Awards finalist in 2015, 2016 and 2017, More2Screen won the Screen Award ‘Event Cinema Campaign of the Year’ category in 2018 for the live broadcast of the musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. www.more2screen.com
  15. Anyone seen "Illusions - like Swan Lake" at Hamburg - thoughts? Certainly looks interesting from the video on their website.
  16. ENB kicked off their national tour of Swan Lake last night in Liverpool. It was pretty much full house (= cacophony of rustling papers etc!) but despite distractions it was a nice performance. Jurgita Dronina/Isaac Hernandez/James Streeter took the leads. I enjoyed the performance but overall it didn't get me emotionally this time. The swans were really good very well drilled and the corps de ballet in Act 1 and 3 were also very good. I think Rothbart and the swans were the best bit last night, and I must mention the 2 dancers who replaced Ken Sarasuhi they were both great and I really enjoyed watching them. Junor Souza was in the show but only in Act 3. Sadly Dronina ran out of puff with her fouettes so we didn't quite get the full 32. (I know I'm sorry I count!) The music was beautifully played I thought and it sounded great from my seat in the Circle and thankfully drowned out some of the background noises from those rustlers! I am sure Janet will write a better review than I - I am just about to leave to go down south but just wanted to post a few curtain call photos.
  17. Principal Casting (In the order of Odette/Odile, Prince Siegfried) Thursday 3January Jurgita Dronina, Isaac Hernández Friday 4 January Alina Cojocaru, Jeffrey Cirio Saturday 5 January (mat) Erina Takahashi, Francesco Gabriele Frola Saturday 5 January (eve) Rina Kanehara, Joseph Caley Sunday 6 January Jurgita Dronina, Isaac Hernández Tuesday 8 January Alina Cojocaru, Jeffrey Cirio Wednesday 9 January Emma Hawes, Aitor Arrieta Thursday 10 January (mat) Shiori Kase, Ken Saruhashi Thursday 10 January (eve) Rina Kanehara, Joseph Caley Friday 11 January Erina Takahashi, Francesco Gabriele Frola Saturday 12 January (mat) Jurgita Dronina, Isaac Hernández Saturday 12 January (eve) Alina Cojocaru, Jeffrey Cirio Sunday 13 January Begoña Cao, Aitor Arrieta
  18. From the New Adventures website: https://new-adventures.net/news/full-casting-announced-for-matthew-bournes-swan-lake NEWS Full Casting Announced for Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake 8 JUNE 2018 New Adventures is delighted to announce casting for the UK tour of Matthew Bourne’s new production of his legendary Swan Lake. The show will tour for 32 weeks to 22 venues throughout the UK and begins at the Theatre Royal Plymouth on Saturday 22 September 2018, ahead of an eight-week Christmas season at Sadler’s Wells from Tuesday 4 December to Sunday 27 January 2019. Swan Lake will continue until the end of May 2019, before embarking on a number of international tour dates. From left to right: Matthew Ball, Max Westwell, Will Bozier Royal Ballet rising star, Matthew Ball, will be joining New Adventures for the entire London season of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake at Sadler’s Wells in the role of ‘The Swan’. Matthew will be making his debut with New Adventures and will dance four performances each week during the eight-week season at Sadler’s Wells. He is currently making his debut as ‘Prince Siegfried’ in The Royal Ballet’s new production of “Swan Lake” at the Royal Opera House. Matthew Ball joins New Adventures’ star Will Bozier, currently dancing to great acclaim as ‘Harry, the Pilot’, in Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella and former English National Ballet star Max Westwellwho was also recently seen in the West End in “An American in Paris”. Will and Max are both making their debuts in the role of ‘The Swan’ and will perform throughout the tour. Dominic North (The Prince) with Richard Winsor (The Swan) - 2010 studio shoot Both returning to the role of ‘The Prince’, two much loved New Adventures Principal dancers, Liam Mower (currently wowing audiences as ‘The Angel’ in Cinderella) and Dominic North(acclaimed star of Edward Scissorhands, The Car Man, Sleeping Beauty, The Red Shoes and currently Cinderella). They are joined by New Adventures’ newcomer, James Lovell who is making his professional debut. Liam Mower as The Prince ‘The Queen’ will be performed by two long-time New Adventures favourites, Nicole Kabera and Katrina Lyndonboth making their debuts in this role. ‘The Girlfriend’ will also be performed by Katrina Lyndon. She is joined by Freya Fieldand Carrie Williswho are both returning to the Swan Lake Company. ‘The Private Secretary’ will be played by long-time Company Principal Glenn Graham (recently seen as ‘Grischa’ in The Red Shoes) along with Max Westwelland Ashley-Jordon Packer. Returning to New Adventures are Tom Broderick, PJ Hurstand Alex Sturman. Returning company members Making their debuts with New Adventures are: Nicole Alphonce, Leigh Alderson, Jonathan Luke Baker, Alistair Beattie, Benjamin Bazeley, Megan Cameron, João Castro, Zanna Cornelis, Kayla Collymore, Keenan Fletcher, Michaela Guibarra, Bryony Harrison, Nicholas Keegan, Shoko Ito, Courtney Liu, Jack Mitchell, Barnaby Quarendon, Jack William Parry, Sam Salter, Stan West and Milwhynne Williams. Company joiners Also making their New Adventures debut are Andrew Ashton from Newcastle, Isaac Bowry from Glasgow and Harry Ondrak-Wrightfrom Birmingham who all performed in the acclaimed New Adventures production of Lord of the Flies in 2014. New Adventures is committed to finding and developing diverse young talent from across the UK and their annual open auditions were attended by over 400 dancers. Since Lord of the Flies in 2014 New Adventures has been supporting young dancers from this production on their journey into training and professional work. The company have delivered various initiatives, including Swan School, two week-long intensives designed to prepare graduate level dancers for the audition process. This production of Swan Lake is the first New Adventures production to feature dancers who had their first experience of dance with the company in Lord of the Flies. From left to right: Andrew Ashton, Isaac Bowry, Harry Ondrak-Wright New Adventures is delighted to continue its relationship with Central School of Ballet and will this year be joining forces for the third year of our Student Associates Programme. This year making their New Adventures debuts on the Sadler’s Wells stage will be third year students, Lewis Bondu and Alex Fadayiro. The Student Associates are generously sponsored by the Archie Lloyd Charitable Foundation. Student Associates Lewis Bondu & Alex Fadayiro Matthew Bourne said today “With the largest cast in our repertory, Swan Lake always gives us the opportunity to bring a wealth of new talent into the Company and I’m excited to welcome so many new dancers into the New Adventures family. I’m particularly thrilled to welcome cast members whose journey to this production came via our production of Lord of the Flies or through our Swan School which was designed to develop young talent for this company. My thanks also to Royal Ballet Director, Kevin O’Hare, who was as enthusiastic as I was about seeing Royal Ballet star, Matthew Ball, dance this role, and was instrumental in making that happen."
  19. English National Ballet Manon National Tour 17 October 2018 - 20 January 2019 www.ballet.org.uk/manon Continuing its commitment to UK touring and presenting world-class ballet to the widest possible audience, Autumn 2018 sees English National Ballet present Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s Manon outside of London for only the second time in 30 years. English National Ballet will present Manon in Manchester (17-20 October), Milton Keynes (24-27 October) and Southampton (31 October–03 November) followed by performances at the London Coliseum (16-20 January 2019). English National Ballet, Manon. Dancers: Alina Cojocaru and Isaac Hernández © Jason Bell. Art Direction and Design Charlotte Wilkinson Studio. Famous for its expressive choreography and dramatic challenge, Manon features some of the most demanding and fulfilling roles in ballet. Manon is accompanied by Jules Massenet’s haunting music performed live by English National Ballet Philharmonic. The young and naïve Manon is torn between two lives: privilege and opulence with the wealthy Monsieur GM, or innocent love with the penniless student Des Grieux. Aristocrats and beggars, courtesans and harlots fill the stage as audiences are taken from a gambling den in 18th-century Paris to a desolate Louisiana swamp in this, one of British ballet’s most dramatic stories. Alongside Manon, English National Ballet also presents Swan Lake as part of its Autumn Tour. Further details can be found at www.ballet.org.uk Notes to Editors Listings information for Manon Manon Manchester Opera House Wednesday 17 October – Saturday 20 October 2018 Box Office: 0844 871 3018 or www.ballet.org.uk/manon Manon Milton Keynes Theatre Wednesday 24 October – Saturday 27 October 2018 Box Office: 0844 871 7652 or www.ballet.org.uk/manon Manon Mayflower Theatre, Southampton Wednesday 31 October – Saturday 03 November 2018 Box Office: 02380 711811 or www.ballet.org.uk/manon Manon London Coliseum Wednesday 16 January – Sunday 20 January 2019 Box Office: 020 7845 9300 or www.ballet.org.uk/manon
  20. https://new-adventures.net/news/casting-announcement-the-swan-prince-at-sadlers-wells Very excited - got tickets for one of the Ball/Mower performances!
  21. This link includes a downloadable programme giving principal casting for Swan Lake performances in Madrid. https://www.danzaballet.com/the-royal-ballet-regresa-al-teatro-real-con-su-nueva-produccion-del-lago-de-los-cisnes/
  22. Now that ENB have announced their leavers and joiners, is there anyone I should be holding for? I normally delay booking for ENB until casting is made public, but as it's Swan Lake I can't be so sure of getting the kind of seat I want if it's only announced a couple of weeks out. For Sleeping Beauty Alina Cojocaru was an obvious first choice, but is there a must-see Odette/Odile at ENB (Rojo herself aside if she's still dancing it)?
  23. Spare cheap ticket for Swan Lake 6June at 7:30 W57 cost £7 standing amphitheatre clear view If interested please let me know Can email Thanks
  24. Somewhere in the middle of the "new Royal Ballet Swan Lake" thread (http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/8921-a-new-royal-ballet-swan-lake/page-3#entry119383) we started getting a bit worked up and picking our least-favourite bits of Swan Lake. Now this is your chance to make up your own DIY nightmare Swan Lake by cobbling together as many disparate chunks of the ballet as you like, preferably from current or previous productions, to make the most dreadful production possible, rather like that "Misfits" game where you have various heads, bodies, legs and feet printed on strips of card and have to put them together to make particularly ridiculous-looking characters. I shall think about mine while I'm off doing the washing-up, but in the meantime, over to you ...
  25. Royal Ballet will be going live with Swan Lake rehearsals this Thursday at 230 pm British Time, on their facebook feed. https://www.facebook.com/royaloperahouse/?hc_ref=ARQFMqwzMe8tEGC8dnNGqnlM6PHTikGmw-MaAptQD80Uklz1O2NiGvTFrTopOA-XAiE
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