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Found 4 results

  1. I have to sew ribbons (and criss cross elastics) on to a pair of shoes for dd, but I’ve never done ribbons before. I’m OK on the elastics, but I’m not sure where to sew the ribbons, how long to make them, what do to about fraying ends etc. Is there a good YouTube video someone could recommend? I don’t trust my own random googling to find one that’s actually right - I’ve seen some ballet bun YouTube tutorials that were definitely not what our dance school expects.
  2. Due to teething problems with introducing a new uniform this year, we (I) am now going to have to sew three rows of ribbon on four character skirts in time for the Grade 6 exam in a month. The skirts are long as they're for teenagers, and measure 5.2m round the hem... I've started on DD's, but find it's taking me 2 hours for each row of ribbon – measuring, pinning, tacking. I haven't even got the sewing machine out yet! Just wondering if there are any tips out there in the dance parent mine of information? I'm wondering about using tailor's chalk to mark where the top of each ribbon should go, for example, but am hoping for a miraculous time-saving solution
  3. Hi all, just a quick question! Would you recommend darning the shoes before breaking them in, or breaking them in and then darning them afterwards? I'm going to sew a new pair before summer school and just wanted to know which would be better for the shoes! Thank you!
  4. Hi - foolishly offered to sew on ribbons & ankle (?) elastic for DD....she is waiting on these shoes & despite dancing many years ago, I have completely forgotten the angle/placement for ribbons & haven't a clue about the mesh elastics for the heel as never bothered with these for myself. Hoping a lovely Balletcoer can offer me tips or direct me to a video clip for this! Thank you!
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