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  1. Please ask questions about Upper School/6th Form auditions in this thread. Do also make use of the "search" facility (top right of the forum pages) in case your question has been asked before. :-) I apologise for not tagging all Upper Schools but tags are limited in number. If anyone has questions or info about auditions at schools not listed, please do post anyway. Thanks, Spanner
  2. On the way back from this interesting ballet/dance. A mix of film and live dance on the themes of loss and refugees. The film told the story and the dance the emotion. I am left travelling home with the rhythm, small staccato moves and thoughts of what it it is like to lose so much and yet the expression of it becomes beautiful.
  3. I have sent an application form off for my DD to apply to audition at Rambert for sixth form. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to reply?
  4. Can anyone give me a rough idea of how long the audition is for the Rambert degree course and any tips ?? Thanks
  5. Just wondering if anyone went to the preview night, or has read any reviews of it? We're going tonight...
  6. Hi, this is my first post here I've looked over the forum but cant find any mention of it but my daughter in September is starting Rambert's Pre-Vocational Course and I was just wondering if there was anyone else who was going and if anyone on the forum is, where your all from We are in South Yorkshire. Michshell
  7. I've picked this up via a newsletter from Rambert: A series of workshops, classes and public performances curated by Rambert's Guest Artistic Director Benoit Swan Pouffer. http://www.rambert.org.uk/join-in/summer-at-rambert/
  8. Hi all, I'd love some opinions on Rambert please. My dd is researching degree courses for Sept. 2019 and has always had Ballet West Scotland first on her list. However, she has recently discovered that Rambert have a degree course in Ballet and Contemporary which sounds perfect. Her goals are to eventually become a member of a Ballet Company with Contemporary under her belt. She does not want to go the Musical Theatre route, she is classical ballet all the way but she does enjoy contemporary. I would be so grateful to hear your views on this co
  9. Dd is faced with a decision between Laine and Rambert. She slightly preferred Rambert, but employment prospects seem to be better for Laine (although mostly non-classical, they do have 3 graduates in the current run of Bourne’s Cinderella, including the lovely Cordelia Braithwaite). Does anyone on here have any experiences of Laine that they could share? Does anyone have any knowledge of Rambert graduate destinations in 2017? We are yet to hear from RCS - which may muddy the waters even further!
  10. As it says in the title : workshops, music, performance, yoga classes ... https://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/river-stage-rambert-2017
  11. I'm 19, and completely love ballet, I know I'm way to late to get into a company so I thought about teaching or pre-professional. I love the idea of the degree that Rambert offer as there is no upper age limit however it's 2 and 1/2 hours away from me. When I noticed EBS sixth Form but then I ruled it out due to it being 16-18. I would love to study dance full time. I currently do intermediate RAD and pointe but that's only 2 hours a week as that's all the ballet for my age my school offers. My question is, is there any point putting in the effort and auditioning if I'm going to be 19/20
  12. Does anyone have experience of SS at Rambert School - good or bad experiences, please share.
  13. UKMASTERCLASS JUNIORS: A DAY OF INSPIRATION We are pleased to announce a special UKMASTERCLASS event for younger dancers age 12 - 14. This day of inspiration will explore the classical technique, the characters from the musical CATS, and a creative experience to discover new moves and possibilities. The classes will be taught by three fabulous dancers and experienced teachers: ALICE CRAWFORD (former Senior Soloist dancer - English National Ballet), JASMIN COLANGELO (West End performer) and JAMIE EMMA McDONALD (Contemporary Dancer / Choreographer). Sunday 5th March Time: 11:00am - 3:30p
  14. Whilst the ROH was resounding with the noise (as some say) of a new McGregor piece, Sadler's Wells was filled last night with a fine performance of Haydn's ever colourful The Creation, providing the motive force for Mark Baldwin's contemporary work for Rambert. This had been premiered at Garsington Opera back in the summer, using the same Gothic tracery screen, behind which sat an orchestra and chorus (the BBC Singers), with conductor (Paul Hoskins) and soloists visible in arched openings. So, on that foundation, and with Sarah Tynan, James Gilchrist and Neal Davie in front, the music was ne
  15. A DAY OF CONTRAST BETWEEN TWO NUTCRACKERS On Sunday 11th December UKMASTERCLASS has organised a day of contrast between two NUTCRACKERS. This intensive day consists of masterclasses taught by Royal Ballet dancers: VALERI HRISTOV & ITZIAR MENDIZABAL and a three hour workshop with two ​dancers from RE:BOURNE, Matthew Bourne's dance company, New Adventures. On this day you will have a taste of the repertoire from The Royal Ballet's Nutcracker, and in the afternoon, a taste of Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker. Time: 10:00am - 5:30pm Level: Intermediate/Advanced (min. 3 ballet classes p/w) Ag
  16. A DAY OF CONTRAST BETWEEN TWO SWAN LAKES ​ On Sunday 4th September UKMASTERCLASS has organised a day of contrast between two Swan Lakes. This intensive day consists of masterclasses taught by Royal Ballet dancers: VALERI HRISTOV & ITZIAR MENDIZABAL and a three hours workshop with two ​dancers from RE:BOURNE, Matthew Bourne's dance company, New Adventures. On this day you will have a taste of the repertoire from The Royal Ballet's Swan Lake, and in the afternoon, a taste of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. Time: 10:00am - 5:30pm Venue: Rambert Dance Studio, 99 Upper G
  17. Hi all, just thought I'd let you know Rambert are holding youth dance company auditions on 5th September at their London South Bank studios, you can book onto it here: http://bpt.me/2598002 I'm going just for the experience, the studios are gorgeous! If the link doesn't work just google 'Rambert Quicksilver auditions'
  18. Any other ballet co dancers doing this next week ? It looks exciting !
  19. A room for next year has become available in a Twickenham flat share with three current Rambert students. The flat is in a great area, 15/20 minutes walk from school and two minutes from the station, river and shops. Please contact me by private message for further information if you know of anyone who may be interested!
  20. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has put in their rambert school application form yet? They have the form on the website to download but it is impossible to fill it in on word document (I think it may be locked or something) ! Is anyone else having this problem?
  21. Kim Brandstrup's Transfigured Night is one of the parts of Rambert's triple bill at the Sadlers Wells Theatre this week together with Three Dancers and Rooster. Here are some pictures from yesterday's rehearsal of Transfigured Night with two duets and the company as chorus. Miguel Altunaga, Simone Damberg Wurtz and members of the company Hannah Rudd and Dane Hurst More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  22. Don't know how we haven't heard about this before, but Rambert is having a day of live-streaming tomorrow: http://www.rambert.org.uk/explore/news-and-blog/news/rambert-live/ Sounds good! (and thanks to the Links team for the original Guardian link)
  23. Hi, I'm doing the adult 5 day intensive at Rambert next week, I was just wondering if anyone else had done an intensive there before?:')
  24. Hi all, A friend of mine would like to audition for Rambert. Do you know when the next audition(s) is? Thank you!
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