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Found 6 results

  1. Is anyone else suffering from not being able to send replies to existing PMs? I can start new ones and send those, but when I try replying to existing ones there's no "Send" button! Internet Explorer 11, Windows 7
  2. Have we somehow lost the facility to attach files to private messages? I've just tried to do it and failed.
  3. Hi Moderators I tried to send a message to Amelia but when I went to send a note comes up that she cannot receive anymore messages. What will have happened to my message.....does it store anywhere? I didn't want to press cancel so instead pressed the little cross in the right hand corner which made it disappear but not sure if it was wiped as well? When this happens should I have pressed cancel or do what I did? Many thanks Linda
  4. It appears that my message box is full and as someone wanted to send me a message and couldn't I obviously need to delete some (or even all!) but cannot find out where you do this. I think Janet is aware I have the problem but not that I don't know how to delete and just in case she is really busy today thought I'd put this prob out there so to speak. I only operate from an IPad if this makes any difference etc Thanks Linda
  5. Hi Can someone help me? I have emailed two users in private messages and not had a reply. I have looked at my sent mail and it has block in Red ?? When I unblock it goes green, but still says this is blocked? Does anyone have any idea about this as I am desperate to get some information from these two members? Thanks
  6. Can someone kindly remind me how to send a private message - senile decay has set in I'm afraid
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