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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, I hope the mods don't mind me posting this but having had quite a few requests for private coaching/'physio' assessments etc I am doing two days of sessions in May half term, in Warwick. Sessions can be used to work on specific movements (eg pirouettes or leaps), to work on ballet technique, for strength & conditioning or for injury rehabilitation. I can also offer pre-audition assessments with some take-home help on how to work on weaknesses. Sessions can be shared by up to 3 students but can only be booked by 1 person. Sessions are booked on a first-come, first-se
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of any private Ballet teachers located near the Watford area or in London? I am interested for my 14 year old dd to take some private lessons in preparation for auditions and for technique etc. How often would you recommend lessons to be on top of regular dance classes and weekly associates all day Saturday? Thank you.
  3. Hi all DD has requested private ballet lessons as a part of her birthday presents this year - though not till May. Her teacher isn't too keen on giving her private lessons and we don't want to ask again and risk making her feel as though we think she isn't doing enough (if that makes sense) Despite this DD is still really keen to have a few lessons one to one so we are looking into having some with a seperate teacher, we will of course inform her teacher about this and make sure she is comfortable about it. However, we aren't really sure who would be best for them. DD is 12 turning 13 and is G
  4. My DD would like to access some private lessons, particularly over summer when most dance schools shut down. Does anyone have any contacts they could pass on please? We would consider travelling a little
  5. My DD is struggling to get enough tuition for Advanced 2 ballet. Often even not even one a week. DD doesn't want to change schools, and looking around struggle to see schools with a class at this level. Teacher doesn't have time to do private lessons. Can anyone suggest anywhere we can pick up some private lessons suitable for this level? DD is particularly concerned that they rarely do any pointe work. We live at the Berkshire end of Hampshire, but are prepared to travel, Hampshire, Berkshire,Surrey London or a bit beyond are possible. No urgency to take the exam, but do want at least to be m
  6. Hello all, just want to get some advice from the more experienced here... DD(9) is now moving onto Grade3 ballet so will be doing two classes a week. Trouble is the timings of these classes are really difficult as all her family work full-time and the classes are before 5pm on weekdays (grade 2 class was on a weekend). We might be able to make it work but the head of her ballet school has offered an alternative which is one private class each week at a more convenient time. Naturally I would imagine one private class would be more beneficial to her in terms of progress than two cla
  7. Hello, so first let me apologize if this has already been done, this is my first time on this site that was recommended me by Just Ballet. I have always loved Ballet, it had always been my release. I suffer from chronic depression and Endometriosis as well as a heart problem and dancing was my release until I fell really ill and my weight ballooned to nearly 15stone. I am now nearly 12.5 and slowly started getting back into dancing, I taught myself by following along to video's on youtube, ballet for dummies, RAD's official census. The list went on. It wasn't until one of my art tutors saw me
  8. Can anyone recommend a highly trained classical dance teacher who could provide private ballet lessons on a Saturday late afternoon or Sunday in central London. Thanks in anticipation.
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