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Found 5 results

  1. The Vienna State Opera has changed its details: "Starting with the 2020/2021 season, live performances of Wiener Staatsoper will be accessible free of charge at the Wiener Staatsoper website (play.wiener-staatsoper.at) and on updated apps for Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire TV devices."
  2. Just finished watching Katie Mitchell's marvellous take on Bartok's Duke Bluebard's Castle with the Bavarian State Opera, available as VOD until 10 Mar 2020. https://operlive.de/. If I remember correctly, streams provided by the Bavarian State Opera are accessible from the UK; I don't know about other countries. In Mitchell's production, Nina Stemme plays Anna Barlow, a detective who sets out to investigate the disappearance of three women who had worked as escorts. John Lundgren is Bluebard. I loved the introductory video, setting the scene, and very much filmed in the style of a thriller. It was fascinating to observe how Judith wins over Bluebard to open the doors one after the other. And I found the outcome rather refreshing (no spoiler here but see the synopsis, available via https://operlive.de/). Forthcoming live streaming this season here https://www.staatsoper.de/tv.html?no_cache=1 Live streaming by Stuttgart Opera this season here https://www.staatsoper-stuttgart.de/service/live/ (the site doesn't mention whether this comes with a geo block so I don't know about access from the UK / other countries).
  3. "Stage Door" is a new service to keep ballet goers in touch with their favourite artists and artists in touch with their fans during these miserable times. Every Sunday after lunch during this lockdown (and possibly beyond if theatres remain dark for a while) I shall interview a dancer, choreographer, composer, designer, critic or some other interesting individual over Zoom. I shall talk for 15 to 20 minutes and then throw the meeting over to the audience who can put questions to the guest through the chat facility. To begin we shall start with small audiences but as we get a bit more experience we may move to live streaming over YouTube or Facebook. That's if the lockdown goes on for that long. We are starting with Gavin McCaig of Northern Ballet this Sunday. I interviewed him in 2014 shortly after he joined the company and he has come a long way since then. He has performed impressively in some important roles and has tried his hand successfully at choreography and teaching. Above all he is a very nice chap indeed. Next Sunday I have lined up Maria Chugai of the Dutch National Ballet who is the best Myrtha I have seen in many years of ballet going. The week after that I have the world famous accompanist David Plumpton. Now as I am still on a learning curve with this Zoom malarkey, I don't have the brass neck to charge anybody anything. But as the arts and arts education need some help right now I am inviting donations of £5 or more to a good cause of the guest's choice. Gavin has nominated the Academy of Northern Ballet of which I am a mature (if not to say over ripe) student. I couldn't be more pleased with his choice. I can't give you a link to an online donation page but I am sure someone will take a payment over the dog and bone if you call 0113 220 8000, or email academy@northernballet.com. Now I know there is a rule against linking to other websites but I won't make a habit of it and I have already had a word with one of the moderators. If you want to attend any of these talks you have to sign on through Eventbrite because Zoom being Zoom we want to know who is coming. This the link to the signup page for Gavin's talk. Every user of the BalletcoForum website who attends any of the talks will be most welcome.
  4. I’ve spent a lot of time this week fiddling around trying to get a phone or laptop in the right position for all of dd to show up in the picture for online zoom lessons. The issue seems to be that we don’t have a big enough house to get the phone far enough away... Has as anyone found a way to get a more wide angle view from a phone, maybe by blue tooth connection to a webcam with a wider lens? Or is there some other solution that gets the whole of a dancer’s body on-screen even if they move a step or two from their initial position?
  5. http://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/073441-000-A/la-fille-de-neige-de-nikolai-rimski-korsakov-a-l-opera-de-paris This was live streamed last night and is now available online. While I can't see the programme on the English-speaking site of Arte, there is a comment on the French site that the programme is available worldwide. The reviews that I've seen in the media where rather positive, in particular about Aida Garifullina in the role of the Snow Maiden. Information about the production here https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/season-16-17/opera/la-fille-de-neige#head
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